10 Real-Life Lessons from Make-Believe Witches

by T. Mack

Have you ever considered how many different cultures create the foundation of modern America? It’s a lot. Consider it for a moment and really think through it. There’s Native American, British, Spanish, French, African, Chinese, and too many others to list here. Now consider this… every single one of these cultures has some form of legend or belief in witches and witchcraft. Even when they’re not called witches exactly, there is someone in the history of nearly every culture who could be put in that classification. It’s such an interesting thing to think about- all these different beliefs, customs, languages, and practices that meld together to make our unique culture. But they all have witches in common. Is it any wonder that witches play such a prominent role in our entertainment, from literature to plays to television to movies? No matter the medium, witches are iconic and legendary.


I love witches and greatly adore them as part of my entertainment. I enjoy witch stories. I gobble them up. Almost all witches get my love: spell-casting witches, potion-making witches, good witches, bad witches, natural witches, practicing witches, whatever. And in case you were wondering, I absolutely count wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, and mages in this category.  Fortunately for me, there is lots of entertainment that features these folks and lets me enjoy them in all their magical glory. I’ve even found that if you pay special attention, there are some pretty fascinating things you can learn from witches and their stories. Allow me to break it down.

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Ten Reasons we Love… The Golden Girls

By Jennifer

All right, I’m going to make a shocking admission right here, right now. You’re going to be floored when you hear what it is, especially given the nature of our site, but here we go: I don’t watch much television. Between kids and work and life, I have become infinitely pickier about what I watch. With that in mind, I am here to declare that I have devoted some of my precious television-watching minutes for a wonderful program that I highly recommend to all of you: The Golden Girls.

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by T. Mack


 ABC broke the hearts of millions of Castle fans last month by announcing that Stana Katic would not return if the show received a 9th season. We now know that the show has been officially cancelled and will not return at all (due at least in part to the overwhelming fan request to end the series rather than have it continue without Stana). It is sad to say goodbye to the show. But I was definitely among the fans rooting for a dignified end to the series this season. I am incredibly relieved that we won’t have to witness the disaster of Castle without his Beckett, because without Beckett, there is no Castle.
Even if things had turned out different, Katic’s reign as New York City Detective-turned-Captain Kate Beckett would have been over this month. In honor of the adoration and admiration we fans have for both Captain Beckett and the actress who spent nearly a decade portraying her, here are ten reasons we love them both.

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by T. Mack

marvel supers

It’s 2016 and we find ourselves in the Golden Age of Superhero Movies. Since Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in May of 2008, superhero movies have taken over the Summer box office and branched out to cover the end-of-year holiday season as well as many other months along the rest of the calendar. I’m personally enjoying myself immensely! But not everyone is so besotted with the costumed vigilantes, mutants, aliens, and super-humans who grace so many of our screens.

While dealing with my overwhelming enthusiasm for Captain America: Civil War, which premieres today in the U.S., it occurred to me that I might be able to help give a little understanding to those who simply cannot understand the superhero obsession. Here are 12 reasons superhero fans absolutely love superheroes.

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Eye Candy: 10 TV Stars We Love to Crush On

by: Ana eye candy

They’re not just pretty…the below actors and actresses have stepped forward and shown us their acting moves.  Still, they could be selling bathroom cleaner and we would probably all still wipe the drool from our chins.

Join me as we stare off blankly into space, try to remember our own names, and pretend that some day we’ll meet so-and-so at a Hollywood party and take them off in to the sunset.  That’s right, I really did say that…

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