The Sunshine Award

We Sister Geeks are so excited to accept another amazing award from a fellow blogger! Our gratitude goes out to our blogging buddy, VINNIEH, who always brings sunshine to our blog with his positivity and shines a light on us through his fantastic blog. If you’ve not already checked him out, or even if you have, head over to see what’s new on his site. He definitely has our stamp of enthusiastic approval!

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happy picard

It’s Premiere Week, geeks! New episodes of the shows we love most (minus our CW faves–still gotta wait 2 weeks for those) will finally return and new series will show us what they’ve got. It’s an exciting time! Let us know what you’re tuning into this week. Give us your thoughts on new and returning shows. And to our fellow bloggers, make sure to share links to any reviews you do for premiere and pilot episodes this week.

Happy watching!

Sister Geeks Team-Up: BITTEN

By T. Mack & Ana

T. Mack read a book and discovered there was a TV show based on it. Ana watched a TV show and found out T. Mack had read the book it was based on. SisterGeeks’s first team-up was born, basically by accident, simply because these girls were on the same wavelength. Today, SisterGeeks is all about Bitten: the book by Kelley Armstrong and the television show based on it.

Bitten coverCheck out T. Mack’s review of the book right here.

BittenSeason 1PromoPoster2And read Ana’s TV show review here.

Did you know???

FB_likeHey, geeks!

Did you know that Sister Geeks is on Facebook? Were you aware that you can get access to exclusive content that you won’t see here on the site? No? Well, knowledge is power, friends. And now you have it! Hop over to for stories and photos that give you access to more geekness, more sisterhood and more goodness! See you there! SG on FB

Happy Birthday, Harry & Jo!

Today is Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. Incidentally it is also Potter-verse creator, J.K. Rowling’s birthday as well. We Sister Geeks wish Harry and Jo the most magical of days!
We were going to post a photo tribute to the pair, but USA Today beat us to it with the very best tribute ever! Check it out below. Then hit the comments to tell us how you think Harry should celebrate the big 3-5.

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The Liebster Award

We Sister Geeks would like to thank VINNIEH for giving us a shout-out with this awesome award! We are a baby site, still trying to get our footing and figure out how to make a place for ourselves here on the net. It means a tremendous amount for our efforts to be recognized, especially by a 7-time award winner! We really enjoy V’s site and are really proud to be associated with it in this way.

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