CW Heroes, On and Off the Screen

By Jen P

Some heroes are even more heroic off-screen. From creating online movements to raise awareness for their cause (I’m looking at you, @David_Ramsey, raising awareness of testicular cancer #DontQuit), to building entire charities from the ground up, these celebs know how to make their mark.

Below, I’ve listed a few CW actors you can really look up to. Read on to find out who they are, their cause, and how you can help. Continue reading

Top 5 Lamest Disney Animated Films

By Jen P

By now, any of you who’ve read my articles know that I love Disney. I try to visit the parks once a year, I dress up like Belle for cons, and my kids are even named after characters from a Disney video game. But that being said, Disney isn’t without its flaws.

From gaping plot holes to straight-up racism, Disney has a secret world of sh*t they’d like you to forget about. So grab your popcorn, and read on as I break down my grievances with the most magical media conglomerate on Earth from their least offensive tripe to the blatantly obnoxious. Continue reading

Shark Week 2018: Drinking Game and Shark Attack Shot

Shark Week is one of my favorite ways to cure the mid-summer slump. Every year, Discovery Channel adds new shows, like Shaq Week and Guy Fieri’s Feeding Frenzy, but still airs favorites like Air Jaws and Alien Sharks. If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, you still have time! Tonight, starting at 7PM ET/PT, Catch Cash Cab “Shark Week Edition”, Megalodon: Fact vs. Fiction, Bloodline: Spawn of Jaws, and Great White Shark Babies. Tomorrow at 9, Return of the Mega Shark and Sharks Gone Wild. And Sunday at 9, catch Naked and Afraid with Sharks. Plus, all day through Sunday, catch shark shows from previous seasons of Shark week.

What better way to celebrate the final days of this year’s Shark Week, than with a drinking game? And just because Shark Week makes me feel a little “extra”, I also created a specialty shot for the occasion– the Shark Attack. Continue reading