Sister Geeks: THE TEAM

T. MackT. MACK | Founder, Editor-in-Chief

T. is a freelance writer from Birmingham, Alabama, where she lives with her husband and son. She’s a Sherlocked Whovian, a Browncoat, Potterhead, Whedonite and NerdFighter. She adores Jane Eyre, Fringe, the Bryan Fuller TV universe and movies… especially those with superheroes. In 2015, she decided to combine her obsession and talent to create, a place where she and fellow cool chicks could get their geek on. She hopes to eventually publish her fiction and nonfiction work.

T. MACK articles to sample:

The Big Deal About Superheroes

Girl Fight: The Power of Female Friendships

10 Real-Life Lessons from Make-Believe Witches

T. MACK original fiction:

The Demon

Jen PJEN P. | Co-founder, Team Leader

Jen is based in Birmingham, AL, but her heart lives on a tropical beach with a drink in its hand. Her obsessions include Dean Winchester, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, making useless crap, and drinking large quantities of Moscato. She’s a romantic who loves to read and write explicit sex scenes when the mood strikes. She’s finished her first book about four times, and is looking forward to publishing it sometime before we’re all dead.

JEN P articles to sample:

Top 10 Freaky Romantic Tales

Book Review: CINDER

Geek Chic: Goblin King Edition

JEN P original fiction:

The Pumpkin Carver

TAYLOR | Writer, “Stranger Things” Guru

Taylor hails from a small suburb of Birmingham, AL. She’s a proud Ravenclaw who ships Hermione & George (because they’re OTP, no matter what everyone says)! She’s a Shadowhunter who loves books with strong, female characters. She loves nearly all things Disney. She feels a kindred connection to Eleven because she also loves Eggos. Her bookmark collection is both utterly adorable and slightly ridiculous. When she’s not reading, she’s either snacking or napping, because reading + snacking + napping = life.

TAYLOR articles to sample:

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Harry Potter

Top 10 Doctor Who Christmas Specials

YA Books to Look Forward to in 2018

TAYLOR original fiction:

The Ghost of a Friend


AnaANA | Deadhead Consultant

Ana is based in Birmingham, AL. She loves writing, art, television and movies, and strong female characters in fictional universes. She is obsessed with The Walking Dead, although she knows that in a zombie apocalypse she would more than likely be toast. Currently she is writing and revising a novella about a Greek god universe. She hopes to have it published on the internet some time soon.

DANI | Potterhead ConsultantDani

Dani is a freelance writer and part-time social manager in Birmingham, Alabama.  She continues to hold out hope that her greatest dream will one day come true–that she will receive a letter of acceptance from Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She reads incessantly and still has abundant love for Buffy and Angel more than a decade after both have gone off the air.



JenniferJENNIFER | Sassenach Consultant

Born geek before she knew what geek was, Jennifer channeled her love of reading into ships, printed and not. An unapologetic Twihard, she’s also a Sassenach, a Whovian, a Muggle sadly still anxiously awaiting her letter to Hogwarts, a Java Junkie, a Browncoat, and a potential Potential (where’s Buffy?). She lives in Huntsville, where she is a wife, mother, writer, tennis ninja, and all-around domestic goddess.



photo not availableYOU? | Contributor

Are you a sister geek and a writer? Looking for the chance to let your geek flag fly? Interested in contributing to  SisterGeeks on a regular basis or submitting a one-off contribution? Contact us at for info on how to become part of the team.

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