My Predictions for Stranger Things Season 3

By: Taylor

It’s finally here! Stranger Things season 3 officially premiered yesterday. I’m writing this about 2 weeks before the new season comes out. By the time this is published, we’ll know whether or not any of my predictions are right. Comment down below if any of these predictions came true or didn’t come true!

I’ve been waiting for this new season for a long, long time. I can’t wait to watch it. I’m throwing a Stranger Things viewing party so I extra can’t wait to watch with my lovely friends! Let’s talk about predictions!

Billy and Mrs. Wheeler

1. Billy and Mrs. Wheeler

I’m like 95% positive this will be the season we see something happen between Billy and Mrs. Wheeler. Which is going to be gross, but I think it’s going to happen this season. The writers and producers keep referencing it in trailers and in season 2, so I think it’s going to happen. Adults shouldn’t hook up with teenagers. And no one should hook up with Billy because while he’s probably attractive by 80’s standard (that mullet, good lord), but he’s also a super angry butthead.  Definitely not relationship material, Mrs. Wheeler.

Billy the new monster

2. Billy is the New Monster

Speaking of Billy, judging by the season 3 trailer, Billy may become a new monster this season. In the trailer, we see Billy in the shower and the veins on one of his arms are turning black, which could be some Upside Down disease that is spreading to the people of Hawkins. Also, this is like a two for one prediction, if Billy and others are being infected by some weird disease, could it be turning them into monsters like demagorgans or even little demadogs? And again, going off the trailer, it seems all our faves (the kids, Mama Steve, and Nancy and Jonathan) get trapped in the new Starcourt mall. Could the diseased citizens of Hawkins be coming to attack them in the Starcourt mall?

Nancy and Jonathan

3. Nancy and Jonathan’s News Story

Short prediction, I am pretty positive that after season 2, Nancy and Jonathan are not just going to stop with Hawkins news for their story about Barb. I think they are going to take their story to the top, nation wide, maybe even world wide. And hell yeah, bust open that lab that is doing awful experiments on children and aided in the death of sweet, lovely Barb. Justice for Barb!

Joyce and Hopper

4. Joyce and Hopper Get Together

This is kind of a selfish prediction of mine. I desperately want Joyce and Hopper to get together. They would work so well together! They get each other’s pain! They can help each other heal! I have my fingers crossed so hard that something will happen between them this season. I mean look at them, just precious. I know, in the trailer it shows Joyce saying she wants to move away from Hawkins to get away from the danger and to protect her children, which I respect. And we see Hopper telling her to stay. But we also see Hopper looking all dapper at a nice restaurant, perhaps waiting for Joyce to show up for a date? I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high.


5. We’ll Meet Other Kids Like 11 and 8

We meet 8 in season 2 and while she wasn’t the greatest mentor and example to 11, she was someone who experienced exactly what 11 did and they were able to connect and work through their experiences and attempted to deal with their feelings and healing processes in very different ways. But after meeting 8, it brings one question to mind, if there is 8 and 11, when do we get to meet 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, and 10? They have to exist. And I’m pretty positive we will meet some more of them in season 3. Whether that’s 11 traveling again and meeting one of her brothers and sisters or maybe they come to help her fight this seasons monsters.

Stranger things

5. Friendships Will Be Tested

I think we will see a lot of friendships tested this season. I feel like there will be a rift between the boys. Some are growing up faster than others, some are dating girls and others aren’t, it’s easy to get left behind or to at least feel like you are. Some have dealt with death and others haven’t and can’t relate. There’s big differences going on and if the boys don’t learn to talk things out and not let the emotions get too high, we could potentially see some friendships ending or at the very least having some big fights and misunderstandings, which makes me kind of sad, but it’s a part of growing up.


Those are my predictions for season 3 of Stranger Things! Am I right? Or am I wrong? Let me know in the comments below!

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