T. Mack’s TV Summer Watch List 2019

by T. Mack

TV with Remote

It’s summertime, kids! That means there’s extra time in the television schedule during the regular season hiatus. What should we do with all this extra time on our hands? Why, watch more television, of course!

This is the time to find fun and fabulous new shows. As your friend, I’m here to help guide you to a few that might be just what you didn’t know you always wanted!



What It’s About: Time’s up for humanity! It’s the end of the world. One angel and one demon have been hanging around on Earth since the very beginning and have grown quite fond of the place. They aren’t exactly happy about Armageddon. In fact, they might (possibly) have a small chance of stopping the whole thing… if they can find the anti-Christ in time.

Why You Should Watch: This wonderful series, based on the equally terrific book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, is must-watch viewing. It’s humorous, absurdist, and highly entertaining. Martin Sheen and David Tennant shine brightly as Aziraphael the angel and Crowley the demon. Do yourself a favor and binge this 6-episode series as soon as possible!

Available On: Amazon Prime

NOS4A2 (pronounced “Nosferatu”)


What It’s About: Vic McQueen discovers that she is gifted with a very special ability to find lost things. However, her gift comes at a price. In time, it puts her directly on a collision course with Charlie Manx, a supernatural being who feeds on the souls of children and destroys people with gifts like hers. Vic must figure out how she can battle and defeat Manx in order to rescue his latest victims and keep from becoming his next.

Why You Should Watch: This show is based on a 2013 novel by Joe Hill. I’ve not read the novel so can’t speak to the show as an adaptation. However, as for the show on its own merit, I can say it’s sufficiently intriguing, if a bit grinding in places. I was curious of Manx from the first scenes and wanted to know where everything was headed right up until the end. The show is not scary, and not even necessarily creepy, but it is a different kind of vampire story. And it’s not bad at all. So I suggest checking it out.

Available On: AMC


L.A.s Finest

What It’s About: These two best friends are the two most badass detectives in L.A. They also happen to partners. Also, they both have a bit of baggage that they haven’t exactly told the other about. And all that old stuff is about about to rear it’s head and stir up their present in a serious way.

Why You Should Watch: This series is a spin-off of the Bad Boys movie franchise. And it shows. It’s basically a female version of those quippy, action-packed, buddy-cop movies that you remember from the late-90’s and early 00’s. The show doesn’t have much substance and isn’t really the best as far as storytelling, plot, or dialogue. However, it can be a really good time if you don’t take it too seriously. Personally, I’m along for the ride because, 1) I love me some Gabrielle Union, and 2) this is the first time since 2002 that I’ve seen any hint of the girl that used to be Max back when Jessica Alba was on Dark Angel. I’ve missed that girl.

Available On: Spectrum on Demand (This is a limited availability. If you have cable through Spectrum, you’re good. If you don’t, you’ll need to utilize your chosen “under-the-table” streaming option. Remember to turn on your VPN!)



What It’s About: Tiff is a grad student working as a dominatrix. Pete is her best friend, who she recruits as her assistant and bodyguard. Tiff sees her work as just that–work, and therefore, nothing more than business. Pete has recently come out and is still working on owning his own sexuality, so the intensity of Tiff’s work is a bit much for him to take. But they’ll work through it together and possibly find themselves along the way.

Why You Should Watch: I have to admit that I’ve only gotten through one episode of this series so far. Not for lack of desire to keep watching, just for lack of time. However, I absolutely plan to continue. The first episode was intriguing, even when it was a bit uncomfortable. I have a feeling that watching this show will be an experience in liberation not only for the characters, but for me as well. I’m planning on challenging myself to go an entire episode without pausing due to embarrassing circumstances on the screen. We’ll see if I succeed.

Available On: Netflix



What It’s About: Another one based on a book! This time, three young women meet in a Shoplifters Anonymous group. They form a bond and naturally, go shoplifting together. But the show seems to promise much more than that.

Why You Should Watch: Full disclosure: I haven’t gotten to start this show yet. But I plan to very soon! This series is about young adults, which I figure will feature themes of coming of age, friendship, and sexual discovery. The synopsis also mentions that Brianna Hildebrand’s character is grieving, so the show should have some significant depth from that direction as well. I don’t anticipate the series will be as much fun as my other favorite youth-centered Netflix show–On My Block–but I’m eager to find out what it’s all about. Let’s check it out and come back to comment below with our thoughts!

Available On: Netflix

Have you already checked out any of these series? What did you think? If you haven’t yet, do you plan to do so? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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