March Favorites!

By: Taylor

Hi, geeks! Spring has sprung! And I’m sneezing 50 times a day despite taking the strongest allergy medicine available over the counter. But in between sneezing, I’ve spent the month of March enjoying many wonderful new things and who better to share my favorite things from March than you lovely geeks? No one! There’s books, shows, podcasts, youtube, etc.! Get a snack, sit down, and let’s talk about some amazing things!



1. Books

I read 5 books in March and I have 3 that were my absolute favorites of the month. I read  The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan and it was amazing! A great story of one young woman’s journey of coming out in a community that would rather hide away and sometimes hurt or even kill LGBTQ people than celebrate them. Rukhsana learns to live her truth, with or without her family. And diversity! We love diversity! Rukhsana is Muslim and gay. More stories with diversity like this, please! I also read The Vanishing Star by Maureen Johnson, this is the second book in the series. In my opinion, second books in series tend to be snooze fest central, but Maureen did not have a sophomore slump, she had a sophomore victory. That book was so good! I’m dying already for book 3. If you love mysteries, I highly suggest this series. Lastly, I read two short stories by my queen Rainbow Rowell, these two short stories are together in a little, and I mean little, the book is smaller than any smart phone, book called Almost Midnight. These stories are pure and cute and lovely. Rainbow writes a damn good story no matter how short. Pick up the tiny book if you love first kisses and Star Wars.

Umbrella Academy

2. TV Shows

I’ve watched a few shows in March and a few stick out as shows you should definitely watch. The first show I watched that I just absolutely loved was Umbrella Academy. The story is so good and fast paced and is interesting from the jump. The characters are the best and I love Klaus with my whole being. Number 5 is hilarious and so pissed off all the time, I loved it. I desperately want to get my hands on the graphic novel, but everywhere is sold out. You should absolutely watch this show. I also watched Russian Doll and it is a rollercoaster. It will blow your mind and make you laugh all in the same 30 minutes. If you love Groundhog Day, or that episode of Supernatural where its Tuesday again, I highly recommend this show. Nadia is stuck living her birthday day after day only to die again and again in a variety of ways. This show is funny, heart warming, heart breaking, and so much more. And it’s written by Amy Poehler. Check it out! I’m also still continuing on my journey of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time and it’s still going strong!

My Favorite Murder

3. Podcast

I’ve been a fan of My Favorite Murder for quite some time, but I’ve been really, really into it in March. This podcast is two kickass ladies who talk about their favorite murder each week. It’s also a comedy podcast. I know murder and comedy don’t typically go hand in hand, but these two ladies have created a nice balance between the two without ever being disrespectful. And along the way of talking about murder, they teach their audience ways to not get murdered. Like, locking your doors, stay out of the woods, when you go somewhere alone, it’s important to text or call someone and tell them what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, and how long you expect to be gone and when they should check back in with you. I know that last one seems like a lot, but if you go hiking or go out at night alone, doing something like that is so important. And one of my favorite parts of each podcast is at the end when they remind listeners to “stay sexy and don’t get murdered”. If you love to laugh, strong women, and murder, you absolutely must listen to this podcast.


4. YouTube

Lastly, I consumed a lot of YouTube in March. I watched James Charles and wished I had literally any talent when it comes to make up. James also makes me laugh with how fast he speaks in his videos. I’ve been watching Jeffree Star review make up and be straight savage when it comes to certain brands. I’ve been watching Shane Dawson do ghost hunting and other scary stuff. All of these YouTubers make me laugh and make me wish I could be better with make up or that I wasn’t so terrified of scary things like ghosts and haunted places. If you’re looking for some fun, light content, I recommend any of these three.


That’s it! These are all my favorite geeky things from March! What content did you love in March? Let me know in the comments below!


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