Netflix’s ‘Love Death + Robots’ is Beautiful Captivating, + Incredible

by T. Mack


Netflix has become a powerhouse source for content. From Oscar-award winning films to critically acclaimed television series and even stand-up specials that become pop-culture phenomenons. Netflix is building a reputation for producing (or at least acquiring the rights to distribute) content that is intriguing and worth talking about.


One of their latest offerings is Love Death + Robots, an animated anthology series for adults in which each short episode tells a story of — you guessed it — love, death, and robots… or some combination of the three.


Now, when I say this series if for adults, what I mean is that is absolutely not suitable for children. There is vulgar language, sexy subject matter, and graphically gory content. However, there are also some awesome surprises that will catch you off guard in the best way. And there are a few seriously thought-provoking moments that make you question your entire worldview from the beginning of the episode up to that moment.


Not everything is so serious, though. There is fun and humor thrown into the mix as well. There is actually a little bit of everything in the 18 episodes of the series. Each one has a different animation style, a different tone, and evokes a completely different feeling. However, each one is beautiful in its own way.


Many of the episodes are visually stunning. Do not watch this show on your phone if you can help it. This is one to watch on the biggest screen possible. It deserves your biggest screen! Some of the episodes don’t even look animated. You’ll spend the entire episode trying to figure out if it is actually live action.


Some of the episodes are tragic, some are funny, others are triumphant, and at least a couple are plain ridiculous. However, they all manage to draw you in and make you invest in their world in just a few short minutes (each episode is between 6 and 17 minutes). Many of them will leave you breathless by the end.


Most of the episodes have at least two of the three titular themes. Some have all three. And a couple have just one. This information could be argued depending on your interpretation of love (and possibly death). But that’s just one more thing that makes the show so much fun. Finding the love, death, and robots in each episode is part of what makes it such a fun experience.


If you haven’t yet checked out Netflix’s Love Death + Robots, I recommend you do so as soon as possible. It is beautiful, captivating, and incredible. Also a bit tragic, but all the more wonderful for it. And it has my highest recommendation.


5 SG Shields


Have you watched ‘Love Death + Robots’ yet? What do you think? Which was your favorite episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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