10 Friend-Tastic Films to Watch This Galentine’s Day!

by T. Mack


Tomorrow is Galentine’s Day, the unofficial day designated each year to celebrate the bonds of female friendship. I hope you and your besties have made appropriate plans. Whether you have or not, though, I’ve got a list of excellent movie choices to help you celebrate this most friend-tastic of holidays. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a tall glass of the beverage of your choice, and enjoy these movies that celebrate the magic of being a woman and the incredible pleasure of getting to take the journey with your best friends at your side!


Note: These are in no particular order.

1. Now and Then

now and then movie

Now and Then is just one of the movies on this list that shows the power of female friendship beginning in girlhood and progressing into adulthood. I adore this film for several reasons, including the multiple time periods, the different ways these friends relate to each other at different times in their lives, the coming of age elements, and the groovy-ass music! This film is a classic for me and it will never get old. I still adore it. Be warned, I will hold spontaneous dance parties during any viewing of this film.


2. The First Wives Club

first wives club movie

Obviously, being a first wife is never the goal. Divorce is never part of the plan. But life happens. Shit happens. Things go awry and sometimes, we find ourselves where we never thought we’d be. Even if it’s not divorce, it can be any number of circumstances. The First Wives Club is amazing because these ladies show us how the power of friendship can help us put ourselves back together and remember how utterly awesome we are after bad things make us forget. And they do it while making us laugh hysterically. It’s a win-win!


3. Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect movie

If you’ve never watched Pitch Perfect, you’ve done yourself a disservice and I feel sorry for you. Because this film is a true gem. There is solid and serious girl friendship, diversity in race and sexual orientation, plus fun and fantastic music. The main character is reluctant at first to even be part of the group, but as she and the other ladies come together and grow as a friend group, they get to know each other, learn to appreciate one another, and help each other achieve confidence and success. It’s girl power at it’s best with catchy tunes thrown in for good measure.


4. How to be Single

how to be single movie

How to be Single surprised me with how much fun it was. It features some seriously funny women being, if not their funniest, pretty funny anyway. What I like about the film is that the ladies hit bumps in the road when they each don’t simply tell her friend what she wants to hear. Instead, they tell each other what they need to hear. Yes, it causes friction, but it also causes some much-needed realizations. I’m a big advocate of this. I’m this friend for my friends. So I loved seeing it on the big screen. Of course, I like to think I have a bit more tact that these ladies exhibit.


5. A League of Their Own

a league of their own movie

A League of Their Own is a modern classic. It’s based loosely on historical events that showcased women in a traditionally male role. It also stars some of the early-90’s most popular female talent. That alone makes it a girl-powered phenomenon. The fact that the women bond, support one another, and become a true team on and off the field makes this a perfect choice for any Galentine’s viewing.



6. Legally Blonde

legally blonde movie

Elle Woods is a walking, talking lesson in “don’t judge a book by its cover.” During the course of the film, she loses her man, but manages to find so much more: new friends, a new passion, a voice she never knew she had, the confidence to move on from the guy who didn’t believe in her, and the conviction to stand up not only for herself, but for others as well. While Legally Blonde is a comedy about subverting the expectations of others, it’s also a movie about surprising yourself by accomplishing things you may not have believed you could.


7. Miss Congeniality

miss congeniality movie

Miss Congeniality is a somewhat strange film about a woman named Grace who has no grace at all. However, she does have a nice figure and a pretty face so she’s chosen to pose as a beauty pageant contestant to discover who is attempting to sabotage the contest. Wackiness ensues, obviously. But so does true female friendship when Grace stops judging the women who seem so different from her and she actually gets to know them. This film is a great choice for the holiday because it’s all about women getting to know each other and looking beyond their differences to become true friends.

8. Thelma and Louise

thelma and louis movie

Thelma and Louise is classic cinema. Two besties, on a road trip and on the run, trying to get away with murder, and cozying up with a young Brad Pitt along the way. I mean, what’s not to love? This film is, from beginning to end, about friendship. But you know, with violence and danger. It’s an intense but fun ride and a perfect choice for a holiday all about female friendship.



9. Sisters

sisters movie

Two of the most famous friends around come together to bring us Sisters. As you might guess, their characters are more than just friends, they’re sisters. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the camaraderie between the two is super strong, fierce, and dynamic. They are sisters, but they are also friends. And because of that, their relationship is complicated and beautiful and a lot of fun to watch. This one is a great choice for this holiday whether your bestie is blood relation or not. However, if she is, this film will probably just be that much more fun for you both.


10. Beaches

beaches movie

Oh, Beaches. How to fill my heart and break my heart. How you lift me up and tear me down. How you give me all the feels! In case you’ve never seen this one, you should know a few things. 1. It’s an excellent film starring some terrific talent. 2. It showcases the highs and lows of female friendship stretching from childhood to adulthood. 3. It is heart wrenching in the best way. 4. You should have tissues handy.




Fried Green Tomatoes:

This is a great film. Basically, it should be on the list. The only reason it’s not is because I wanted to do a 10 list but had 15 movies. That’s the only reason this one isn’t represented in the main group. It’s great, period. And it doesn’t hurt at all that the cafe it’s based on is right her in my home state just down the road from me.


I believe this movie deserves to be on the list. However, I’ve never actually sat through it, so I can’t technically vouch for it. For that reason, it’s here in the Honorable Mentions.

Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

This film has the same problem as the previous one. I’ve never watched it, so I can’t give it my stamp of approval. Sister Geek Taylor says it’s super-cute, though.

The Heat:

This movie is funny. I love Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and the fact that they are besties in real life only makes this film better. This movie is just not quite as good as some of the others on the list. So it’s in the mentions instead of on the list itself. But it’s definitely worth a watch.


I actually can’t watch this movie any more. Disney cast these sisters on their ABC series Once Upon a Time. By the time they were done on a season of that show, I actually found them a bit insufferable. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that their film is one of girl power and sisterly love and female friendship. So, it earns a spot here in the mentions. If you still love it, it’s worth another watch for the holiday.

Are any of these movies among your favorites? What are your picks for the best films to celebrate female friendship? Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day with your friends? What do you or would you do to celebrate? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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