Top 10 Fandom Ships

By: Taylor

Love is in the air! That means it’s time to talk about my favorite fandom ships. This list is comprised mostly of ships that are canon and maybe one or two that I just want or wish would happen really, really bad. Some of these ships are classic and so full of love that I still ugly cry when I watch their episodes when they fall in love and ugly cry even more when they get in fights. Ugh, it’s making me emotional just thinking about it. Let’s start with the list* before my eyes spring a leak.

*In no particular order

Also, this list may contain spoilers if you haven’t read/watched the books, shows, or movies these ships are from. Read at your own risk.

jim and pam 2

1. Jim and Pam from The Office

Ugh, one of my originally OTPs. They are so cute and precious. From flirty friends to husband and wife. They are relationship goals, for sure. I got secondhand butterflies in my stomach watching them slowly fall in love. Even in the last season of the show when they were struggling as a couple, they sought help with couples counseling and had to re-learn what it means to love each other through big life changes and what it means to sacrifice things for one another and for their relationship. Their relationship was so down to earth and real and I still love them so much even though the show has been over for a few years now.

jem and tessa

2. Jem and Tessa from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Okay, y’all know I’m nuts for anything Cassandra Clare writes. While I was waiting for the latest Mortal Instruments book to come out, I read Cassandra’s prequel trilogy, The Infernal Devices. And boy, did that series knock me out with love. Between all the magic and mystery, there’s a love triangle happening. Tessa has to choose between daring, easy going Will or sweet, kind, handsome Jem. Spoiler alert, Tessa chooses Will, which is fine, I guess. But I wanted nothing more for Tessa and Jem to be together. They complimented each other so well. And like the fairy godmother she is, Cassandra waved her stele and made my ship dreams come true in other Shadowhunter books. Thanks, Cassandra, you’re the real MVP of love.

10 and rose

3. The 10th Doctor and Rose

These two are so damn cute, I almost can’t stand it. I loved their adventures together and how protective they were of each other. They saved each other in so many ways, time and time again. They were a powerful love. And you better believe that during that beach scene, I was a pile of tears. Nothing could console me for days. He never got to give her a proper goodbye! I take some hope in the fact that Rose and 10 2.0 are off somewhere living their normal lives together, but it’s not the same. He isn’t the real Doctor she fell in love with. But I do hope they are happy.


4. Rey and Kylo from Star Wars

My name is Taylor and I am a Reylo shipping piece of trash. There’s not that many Reylo shippers out there, but this girl is definitely ready to go down with this ship. I cannot even begin to tell you why I love this ship so much. I just do. From the second I saw them both on screen interacting with each other, it just made sense to me. And technically, Reylo isn’t canon. Not yet anyways. But I am hopeful that soon those two crazy kids will fall in love and save the galaxy. Is that too much to ask?


5. Hermione and George from Harry Potter

Okay, this one isn’t canon either. But J.K., any day now that you want to come and tell the world that Hermione and George should have been together, I’m ready for it. I know, to a lot of you, this ship doesn’t make sense, but let me explain. George would make Hermione laugh and remind her everyday that she is smart and amazing and brave. Hermione would believe in George’s dream of inventing pranks and running his shop. And they would both help one another heal from the pain and losses of the war. All I know is, Ron doesn’t deserve Hermione. Hermione and George 4ever!

leslie and ben

6. Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation

These two are the bees knees. They are both so dorky and adorable, I almost hate it because I love it so much. He supports all her dreams and her intense personality and she helps him make peace with his past so that he can have an amazing future. They even each other out too. She’s at a 10 all the time with everything and Ben is always at a 1 unless you disrespect his fandoms or his Star Trek fan fiction (honestly, that’s a big mood). When these two found each other, I got heart eyes in real life. I love their love.

cath and levi

7. Cath and Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

These two are actual love birds. I connected with Cath so much when I read this book. She’s worried about leaving her dad all along when she goes off to college, her sister isn’t talking to her, and she copes with everything by holing up in her dorm and writing fan fiction. Until Levi comes along. Levi loves Cath so purely and easily. He helps her come out of her shell, helps her make peace with her family, and is there when things go wrong. And he’s so understanding about all her anxiety and nervousness about their relationship. Levi is worthy of being a book boyfriend. He’s a solid 10/10, would read again.

alec and magnus

8. Alec and Magnus from Mortal Instruments and countless other Shadowhunter books by Cassandra Clare

Clearly, I’m picking up whatever Cassandra is putting down. She writes great relationships. I adore Alec and Magnus. I was so happy when they got together. Magnus helps Alec learn to be proud of who he is and Alec helps Magnus remember what it meant to be mortal. And when they adopted two children together, they just became the best dads ever and their parenting styles just make their relationship even more awe worthy. And spoiler alert, when Alec surprised Magnus with an engagement and then set up a wedding right there on the beach with all their friends and family, oh, I cried big time. Their love is the sweetest.

marshall and lily

9. Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother

I am currently watching How I Met Your Mother and it would be impossible for me to write this list and not include these two. They’ve been together since they were 18. They’ve loved each other through one break up, Marshall’s dad dying, pregnancy issues, and more. These two are ride or die for each other and I absolutely love it. They truly are each other’s best friend and they tell each other everything, even when it’s hard. Marshall and Lily are actual, obtainable goals. The way they support each other, love each other, and help each other always is enough to make me swoon every time I watch this show.

jake and amy

10. Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Last but not least, are Jake and Amy. They start out as work rivals, but then turn into flirty friends and then husband and wife. When this finally happened, I was screaming I was so happy. Amy helps Jake grow up into an actual, real adult and Jake helps Amy chill out with her intense personality and find some fun in life. These two crack me up. Their engagement was so cute and so very them. Even when Jake was sent to prison, she worked tirelessly to help get him released. That’s love y’all.


That’s my list of my top 10 fandom ships! What fandom ships do you love? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Fandom Ships

  1. OMG these are awesome! Although I think mine are a bit on the twisted, unconventional type of relationship side….lol. But here are my top five.
    1. Jack & Karen from Will and Grace
    2. Harley Quinn & The Joker from Suicide Squad
    3. Lucious & Cookie Lyon from Empire
    4. Ross & Rachel from Friends
    5. Eric & Donna That 70’s Show
    I do love your #3 pick, Rose and the 10th doctor I mean, the beach scene, the “not really goodbye, goodbye.” It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Liked by 1 person

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