Holiday Binge Break-Down

by T. Mack


The holidays season is over, a new year has begun, and it’s time for life to find it’s natural rhythm once again. During the season, I found myself with an excess of vacation days and a scarcity of episodes from my favorite TV series. What’s a girl to do? Why, try new and interesting shows, of course! I dove into three different series to see what treasures I could discover. Here’s my haul:



Yes, I’m late on the train to Westworld. But now I’m definitely on board. During the holidays, I managed to get through Season 1 of the acclaimed series. My long-held and enduring love for both Thandie Newton and James Marsden were reaffirmed and bolstered during my viewing.

The series is set in a wild west-themed amusement park where the humanoid androids are unaware that they are not human and that their world is not real. For the human guests’ amusement, the androids may be hurt, killed, or used in any way. However, they may not truly defend themselves against the people. The show is told from the perspective of the androids, the humans who run the facility, and a couple of particular human guests.

westworld 3

Because of the varied perspectives, the series is able to paint an incredibly dynamic picture of the world inside the show. As the audience, we feel like we are truly inside the world and invested in what may come of the people and androids we come to know. I can’t wait to continue my journey with this series. I have heard that the sophomore season of the series is not quite as exciting as the first, but there’s no way I’m stopping now.

The series airs on HBO and can also be viewed on Amazon and iTunes.


the guest book

This anthology comedy series features a beautiful destination rental property, colorful vacationers who visit, and unbelievable stories which they leave behind in the property’s guest book. Along for the ride are a few of the town’s local residents and occasionally, a bit of wild life. Each week tells a new story and features different guest stars.

the guest book 2

This show is hilarious.. It is the best kind of absurdist humor: the kind that is ridiculous, but still grounded in reality. While nearly everything that happens is wild, extreme, and far out, it is also possible and you can kind of see how it could happen, even to you.

The series airs on TBS and is available to view on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube.


light as a feather

This series feels like a modern television reboot of the 1999 film, The Craft. (It’s not. I checked. That reboot is still in the works. But this sure felt like it was that.) In this series, five high school girls, including one new girl, choose to play a round of “Light  as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” in the cemetery on Halloween. During the game, each of their deaths is predicted with stunning detail. Soon, the predictions begin coming true and the girls must figure out what’s going on before they all end up dead.

light as a feather 3light as a feather 2

This show wasn’t bad for what it was. It was an okay way to kill a day (see what I did there) during the holiday break when I didn’t have anything better to do other than clean the house. However, when the second season comes around (if a second season comes around), I won’t be putting it at the top of my priority list. It was slightly creepy, I suppose, and I did want to know what was going on with the new girl. But it was nothing we haven’t seen a hundred times before in the last 20 years. There’s nothing here for real fans of the horror genre. But if you like girlie teen angst and a little bit of a creep factor, this may be for you.

Season 1 of the series is available to view on Hulu.

Have you seen these shows? What do you think of them? If you haven’t seen them, do you plan to check them out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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