Top 5 Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episodes

It’s finally December! Time to buy presents, put up decorations, and eat all the good food! And most importantly, time to watch all the holiday episodes! Every good TV show does holiday episodes: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. If you want your show to be good, you better have a holiday episode of some kind. What else am I suppose to do while I eat gingerbread cookies and avoid reality? Bob’s Burgers does amazing holiday episodes! The kids are hilarious, the situations are crazy, but relatable, and the characters are down right perfect. Don’t believe me? Just look up Linda Belcher quotes and then try to tell me that Linda isn’t the most amazing creature. During the holiday season, I like to re-watch holiday episodes to really get me in the spirit and this week I re-watched all the Bob’s Burgers holiday episodes and decided to do a Top 5 list. Come along with me on this magical holiday journey!

1. Christmas in the Car


The very first holiday episode. Linda puts up the tree the day after Halloween and of course, it gets dehydrated and dies so the family is forced to spend Christmas Eve in the car to go get a new tree. While on the road, they get into a honking fight with a candy cane truck on the way to a parade. The fight escalates so much that the family hides in the car, in the woods waiting for the truck to go by. But the guy in the candy cane truck won’t let it go that easily and he and Bob end up in a fight. It’s honestly so hilarious. Bob is trying to keep his family safe, Linda is trying to get a tree, and the kids use the time asking their parents where babies come from and using all the battery in the phone to request a very specific song on the radio. The first holiday episode is always amazing and sets the bar for all holiday episodes that come after. This is one is amazing, 10/10 you should watch it while you’re writing your Christmas list to Santa.

2. The Bleakening


This episode was a 2 part-er and had a bop of a song and was scary, and that seems like a lot for two episodes to take on, but I promise you, they did it beautifully. In these episodes, Linda tries to spread Christmas cheer by putting out decoration the restaurant, including ornaments that her kids made, but someone steals them and she’s on a mission to find and get the ornaments back. Also, Teddy tells the children the story of the Bleaken, a Christmas villain similar to Krampus and they are on their own mission to prove that the Bleaken is real. Long story short, Linda crashes a party, your new favorite holiday song is sung, and the Bleaken may or may not be real. You should watch the episode for yourself and find out. I promise the song will be stuck in your head for days and you’ll love every minute of it.

3. Father of the Bob


This one is kind of cute and will tug at your heart strings. Bob and his father don’t get along very well. Bob feels like his father doesn’t support his cooking creativity, which is why Bob opened his own restaurant instead of staying and working at his dad’s. Every Christmas, Bob and his family go visit Bob’s father at his restaurant and arguments ensue. Do they make up? Do they keep fighting? You’ll have to watch to find out. If that doesn’t entice you, there’s also a gay bar involved somehow, someone ends up taking a bath full of beans, and a competition to make the best Christmas present out of whatever is in the basement. It’s a wacky episode that will leave you full of Christmas cheer and a warm and fuzzy feeling.

4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins


I’ll admit, this one is real weird. So, it’s Christmas time at Bob’s Burgers and things are normal, well, normal for this family. And then when Bob’s relative dies and he goes to clean out their storage unit, he finds a man living in it. Linda being Linda, invites the man to stay with them until he can get back on his feet. It turns out, this guy has a unique talent of window decor. Like he sets up holiday scenes using back drops and mannequins  in the restaurant’s window, which gets Bob a lot of business. Here’s the weird part, apparently the guy is dating/engaged to a mannequin and he starts to get upset about their relationship and the window art suffers. There’s a happy ending, but ya’ll, he’s in love with a mannequin. I mean, you do you, love who you love. The whole episode is just a little odd, but full of holiday spirit, nonetheless.

5. The Last Gingerbread House on the Left


I love this one and actively want to experience it in my own life. Bob gets roped into a high stakes ginger bread house competition where the prize is getting a hands on behind the scenes tour of the new baby polar bear habitat. And the competition is fierce. Everyone desperately wants to meet the polar bear, and I mean, who can blame them? I would love to cuddle a baby polar bear. The competition is intense and everyone is trying to sabotage each other and I love it. Also, while Bob is doing all this, Linda and the kids go caroling with Teddy and it’s a hoot. None of them can sing, but its funny to watch them try. They even spread some holiday cheer to a neighbor that no one will talk to. It’s honestly so sweet. This episode is like Chopped meets Glee and I’m hear for it.


That’s my list! Now, I challenge all of you to get on your coziest pajamas, warmest drink of choice, and sit down and watch holiday episodes. It could be these Bob’s Burgers episodes or any show you love that has holiday episodes. I promise doing all this will put you in the holiday spirit and you’ll be ready for all the holiday parties and gift shopping. Let me know what holiday episodes you’ll be watching in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episodes

  1. I have to say that my favorite is the Bob’s Burgers Last Gingerbread House on the Right. All because my favorite character is Louise and she wants to keep that bear alive by feeding it one of her own kids. I think that’s hilarious!

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