Geek Chic (On the Cheap)

By Jen P

Even geeks have a budget, and these cute Amazon finds won’t break the bank! Plus, most of them will arrive in 2 days, so we’re truly living that 100 life.

**Prices and sellers on Amazon change all the time, so I can’t guarantee these deals are current, but most sellers with the same products had similar prices to the ones listed. You may even find a better bargain than those in the article! Happy shopping, Geeks!

There’s no specific fandom here, but these adorable goldfish bag earrings are too geeky to ignore. And at under 2$ (plus 1$ shipping), you’ll still have money left over for some of the other items on this list. Find them here.


At under 2$, AND with free shipping, this Mockingjay pen will make you feel like you can rise from wherever you are in life to take down the forces that seeks to oppress you. Find it here.


This adorable Groot planter can brighten anyone’s day, and at 8$ with free shipping on Prime, I’m already feeling good vibes in my wallet. Find it here.


Feeling like a princess costs more than the other items on this list, but Jasmine would still be proud of the deal you found on this Magic Carpet Towel. 24$, plus 3$ shipping. Find it here.


And last, but not least, is this amazing charm bracelet for the Marvel fan in your life. It features almost every hero in the MCU, and a villain or two as well. $15, with free Prime shipping. Find it here.


Let us know the best deals on geek stuff you’ve found on Amazon in the comments below. Later, Geeks!

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