#FlashbackFriday: 50 Thoughts I Had While Re-watching Full House

By: Taylor

So, I re-watch shows. Like all the time. If I love it, I’ll watch it at least 500 times and still not be tired of it. I recently went back to watch a 90’s classic, Full House. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a re-watch of this show that it was like watching some episodes for the first time. So, join me on my journey through the my recent re-watch of Full House.

  1. Yo, these late 80’s/early 90’s outfits are both amazing and awful! I kind of want to wear a shirt with bright triangles all over it.
  2. Jesse’s mullet! Yikes! Still an absolute babe though. 10/10.
  3. Stephanie is a Sass Queen! YAASSS QUEEN! So young, yet so sassy. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.
  4. Oh my dear! A tiny Olsen! So little and not yet jaded. She doesn’t even know she’ll have an entire empire by age 5. I miss my Mary-Kate and Ashley make up and clothes.
  5. Can Danny come clean my house? He just cleaned his cleaning products. Full House quotes
  6.  “Well, pin a rose on your nose” is my new catch phrase. 
  7. Donna Joe Margaret?! Lord, what a name. Such a 80’s name.
  8. This show is nothing but wholesome content. Have a problem? No worries, it’ll be solved in about 25 minutes and then everyone will hug. Can all my problems be solved in 30 minutes or less?
  9. Kimmy Gibbler and her horrible fashion can leave. Bye.
  10. Joey is the joke master. Cut it out! Full House funny
  11. Finally! The Mullet is gone. This is the Uncle Jesse we all deserve.
  12. Stephanie can’t seem to keep a secret. Girl was born ready to spill the tea.
  13. Damn it, Stephanie is upset because she doesn’t have a mom and all the other girls do. Oh no, I think I’m going to cry.
  14. Holiday episodes are literally the best. Get me in that holiday Tanner spirit.
  15. Stephanie drove a car into the kitchen?! Full house christmas
  16. “How rude!” I want it on a t-shirt.
  17. Danny’s dad jokes, 0/10. No stars. Do not recommend.
  18. I’m constantly trying to figure out if this is Ashley or Mary-Kate.
  19. Michelle is tiny, but she speaks the actual truth. This girl knows it all.
  20. Stephanie just used a phone with a chord. Oh, those were the days. Full house michelle
  21. Awww! Jesse and Michelle’s relationship is the most adorable thing. Heart eyes.
  22. “When I see a cookie, I can’t forget about it” Same, Michelle, same.
  23. Ugh, they are all such good co-parents. I wish I had 3 dads.
  24. Comet the dog! I love a good dog. Every good show needs a dog.
  25. DJ was caught with a beer! At 13! Scandal!Uncle-Jesse-and-Michelle
  26. I connect deeply with Michelle. She says all the things I am thinking. A true Queen.
  27. Joey’s impressions are actually pretty solid. Also his cartoon jammies are on point.
  28. Becky is here! What an angel, an actual goddess.
  29. Seriously, Kimmy, take a hint and leave. Only DJ wants you here. Everyone else wants you to GO!
  30. The older these girls get, the sassier they get. I approve. Good parenting, guys. Full house 2.gif
  31. Danny and Joey are dressed as women and they actually look really nice.
  32. Jesse and Becky’s wedding is a 90’s nightmare.
  33. Becky’s having twins! Jesse’s face when he finds out is incredible.
  34. How did Michelle get more relatable? I didn’t think it was possible, but she did that.
  35. Ugh! Danny has found love with Vicky! Finally! Now, just Joey needs someone. Full house 3
  36. Steve! A cutie with an appetite, yes girl!
  37. Why is Kimmy still here? Get better friends DJ.
  38. Oh no! Stephanie is hanging out with the bad kids. Don’t do it Stephanie! You’re better than this!
  39. Jesse and Becky are actually goals.
  40. I remember this camp episode gave me nightmares as a kid. STEVE
  41. Danny, Jesse, and Joey are BFF goals.
  42. This Disneyland episode is giving me life.
  43. Steve broke DJ’s heart. I’m not crying, there’s just pain at the sight of lost love in my eye.
  44. All these girls are straight savage. They will drag anyone. I’m shook.
  45. DJ is the reason I say “Oh my lanta” frequently. Full house 4
  46. The twins are so big now! Do you think they played with Mary-Kate and Ashley between takes?
  47. I’m on like the last season and everyone’s clothes and hair is better, but still not great. The 90’s were rough on us all.
  48. “Have mercy” is now back in trend. Thank you, Uncle Jesse.
  49. Why can’t Joey find love? He’s funny and sweet. Girls, hit him up.
  50. This family is nuts, but they are kind of #goals. Full house 5

Thanks for reading! Those are all 50 thoughts I had while re-watching Full House. Such a classic, feel good show. Go re-watch it or watch it for the first time, I definitely recommend it if you are looking for some warm fuzzies in your life. What’s a 90’s show you love?

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