Top 10 Orange is the New Black Quotes

By: Taylor

It has happened! Season 6 of Orange is the New Black is out into the world and it’s amazing! But, this isn’t a review. No, since  new season is out, I thought we should go back and look at the best quotes all these wonderful seasons have given us. So sit down and get comfy, because we’re going back to Litchfield.

1. OITNB Quote

I adore this quote from Poussey and her description of love. And her smile is absolutely infectious. I hope you all have/find this kind of love and that it makes you smile just like that.



I actually hated Vee’s character quite a bit, but damn this is a good quote. We all have some people who are weeds in our life, so never forget, you are a garden rose, go spread your petals and soak up that sunshine.


OITNB quote 4

My girl, Taystee! I love her! She’s a die hard book lover and Harry Potter nerd. She summed it up well, you’re not stepping on The Golbet of Fire or any Harry Potter book for that matter.


 OITNB Quote 3

So true! We’re all going to make mistakes, not the same mistakes, but still mistakes. We’re all capable of making bad choices.


 OITNB quote 7

Red is Queen. Don’t mess with her or her girls and she won’t mess with you. This woman is truly iconic and also terrifying. A perfect combination.


 OITNB Quote 6

YAASSS! Sophia is the best and she tells it like it is. One of my favorite characters, full of strength and truth and kindness.


OITNB Quote 9

This was a hilarious moment. Also, as a blonde woman, I relate hard to the Taylor Swift part. It doesn’t help that my name is also Taylor.



Suzanne is the character we all love and deserve. Her perspective on life and people is great and full of insight and she just wants to love and be loved back. Who doesn’t want that?


 Orange is the new black

This made me cackle because I just love Suzanne. Friendships can be complicated sometimes, you could say the wrong thing and upset your friend. Your friend could not be there for you when you need them, etc. Friendships can be complicated, but they are 1000% worth it every time.



Yoga Jones is always speaking mindful, peaceful thoughts which can be refreshing and helpful to the girls she’s talking to, but also to the viewer. She makes you think.


That’s it for my Top 10 Orange is the New Black quotes, thanks for reading! Come back on Friday when I’ll dish all my thoughts on the new season! Tell me your favorite quotes in the comments below!

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