#GoodNewsTues: 3 Days ‘Til Badassery Returns!

by T. Mack

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have good news! There are only three more days until both Wynonna Earp and Killjoys return to our TV screens with brand new seasons of badassery for us to enjoy! Best of all, each show has a kickass lady leading the badass charge. In case you didn’t know, allow me to tell you… I LOVE bad-ass chicks. And these shows are all about them. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these!

So, here’s the scoop:

Wynonna Earp


This series revolves around the cursed descendants of American legend, Wyatt Earp, who must re-kill the resurrected, demon versions of all the people the original lawman killed during his life. His latest heir, Wynonna, is a bit of a screw-up, a tiny bit slutty, and full of sass and attitude. I want to be friends with her so desperately! The show is a horror-western dramedy and seems like it should be a hot mess. But instead, it’s really a good time. Based on the comic book of the same name, the show is more grounded than its predecessor but a good, wild ride none-the-less. The second season of the show managed to be ridiculous, intriguing, funny, and heart-wrending all at the same time. I can hardly wait for season 3 to begin. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait much longer.

Both Seasons 1 and 2 of  Wynonna Earp are available to stream on Netflix now!




This series centers on the adventures of… wait for it… a bounty-hunting team… IN SPACE! Yup. For real! The show is a little gritty, a lot sexy, slightly cheesy, and oh-so science-fiction-y. It’s just the type of fun, fantastical fair with passable special effects you’d expect from Syfy. It’s science fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And I love that about it. I came across this show quite by accident on my streaming service last year. And in one long weekend, I devoured the entire 2.5 seasons that had aired at that time. I was obsessed for the rest of season 3 and have been eagerly anticipating season 4 ever since. Now, the wait is nearly over!


Are you excited about the return of Wynonna Earp and Killjoys to Syfy this Friday? Do you like these series? If so, what do you find appealing? If not, what turns you off? Head to the comments and let me know.

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