Geek Chic: Bookish edition!

by Taylor

Gather round, fellow book lovers, because I’m about to tell you about the cutest and geekiest book related items you can find while still supporting small businesses. From bookmarks to subscription boxes, this article will cover it all. Get your wallets ready. These items will have you wanting to treat yo’ self!

1. Owlcrate


Owlcrate is a YA subscription box and it is one of the best out there. I’ve been a subscriber of Owlcrate before and the boxes are to die for. They include a recently published hardcover YA book (sometimes with a limited edition cover or signed book) and 5-7 bookish goodies related to the book (this ranges from jewelry, candles, tea, temporary tattoos, exclusive content from other upcoming books, bookmarks, bath bombs, signed book plates, etc.). Owlcrate is just the best! They always include a great book in their box, they have amazing themes every month, and the owners of the company are super sweet and kind! You can’t ask for much more in a box. They also offer a middle school grade subscription box for younger readers. If you want awesome boxes delivered to your door every month, try them out! Check out Owlcrate here



So, I’m going to admit something to you guys. I have an obsession with magnetic bookmarks, specifically like the ones above made by Craftedvan on Etsy. Like, I can’t stop, won’t stop until I have a bookmark for every book I own. They are so cute with so much variety from breakfast foods to your favorite book or movie characters. And they help me not fold down the corner of my book when I’m done reading for the moment. I’ve ordered more of these bookmarks than I care to admit, but it’s an addiction I don’t plan on fixing anytime soon. The bookmarks are also such a reasonable price that it’s hard to say no to ordering 3 or 6 or 18. Craftedvan also has their own subscription service where they will send you 3 or so limited edition bookmarks a month. Check out Craftedvan on Etsy here

3. Candles


The perfect way to read a book is with rain or snow falling outside, a nice cozy blanket, comfy clothes, and a nicely lit candle. Candles can help transport you into a relaxing paradise with your book. Even better are candles based on your favorite book or characters. I highly recommend bookish candles from Fromthepage on Etsy. They have every kind of candle from Alice in Wonderland to The Hobbit to Harry Potter to The Hunger Games. And y’all the candles smell so delicious. I have a few Harry Potter ones and the Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch is like fall leaves, pumpkin pie, giant sweaters, and every other amazing fall feeling shoved into one candle. It is glorious. Check out Fromthepage on Etsy here

4. The Bookish Box

bookish box

The Bookish Box is another subscription service that will satisfy all your bookish desires. They have boxes with books and without. Each box includes wonderful t-shirts and one of a kind bookish items. I mean look at the Harry Potter/Starbucks cup. They even do one-time boxes based on Supernatural and Hogwarts houses. The items they put in their boxes are so unique and every time I see an unboxing, I become the “Shut up and take my money” meme instantly. This business is also run by a badass lady and you know how I feel about badass ladies. So if you want amazing bookish items and to support small business and a badass lady, check out The Bookish Box here

5. Book sleeves


Book sleeves are all the rage in the book community right now. They are these cute and cushiony sleeves that you can slip your precious special edition, signed copy, or just-bought-this book into and not worry about it getting damaged as you take your book on the go. I know I would have loved one of these back in the day on long road trips where books get shoved in bags quickly or covered in sand or snacks. The Book Beau is leading the way in terms of the cutest book sleeves out there. Donuts, flowers, and geometric patterns, oh my! Any kind of look you’re going for, the Book Beau has a book sleeve for you. Check them out here 

6. Bookish Bath Items

Bookish bath

The other perfect reading scenario is in a warm bubble bath with a nice and long book. Fizzy Fairy Apothecary on Etsy makes the best bath bombs, soaps, and bubble bars. And they are all based on books, TV shows, or movies. Who wouldn’t want to rep their house pride with a bath bomb? And they have adorable little charms inside the bath bombs. A bath, a good book, and a little surprise? Sign me up please. Fans of the Throne of Glass series should try out their Celeana bath bomb ASAP. They even have Game of Thrones dragon egg bath bombs that hatch tiny, plastic dragons. Yass! Check out Fizzy Fairy Apothecary on Etsy here

7. Jewelry


You can wear your love of books on your sleeve with a Bookish Box shirt and you can wear your love of books around your neck with these lovely lockets.  These lockets are made by The Locket Library on Etsy. They have so many book covers on their lockets and even if they don’t have it, you can send them a picture of the book cover you want and they will put it on a locket for you. I love the lockets, the covers are so simple, yet classy. And they can tell the world you adore Jane Austen books and be a statement necklace for your outfit. I love them. They also have book cover earrings and pendants that have great quotes from classic novels. And they even have bracelet versions too. I’m dying to get my hands on the Edgar Allen Poe locket. Check out them out here

8. Tea


During the winter, I love a good steaming hot mug of tea while I read. Riddles Tea Shoppe on Etsy makes the tastiest and bookish tea out there. The Elven Nectar tea is amazing and smells so good. The packaging is on point. She has so many varieties that it’s hard to choose, not to mention, very reasonable prices. This shop also does  Death Eater Tea Club and The Auror Tea Society quarterly boxes and ya’ll they are spectacular. From sweet, Death Eater themed sugar crystals to Auror dragon egg tea bags. The attention to detail is incredible. For a full book experience, I need you to go order a bunch of tea, grab your mug, and sit by the door and wait for deliciousness to be delivered. You can find the tea here on Etsy or here on Adagio Tea. By the way, Adagio Tea is a great website to find many more bookish teas, movie related teas, TV show teas, and anime teas.


Those are all my favorite and highly recommended bookish items. As a book nerd, I love wearing, drinking, or using amazing book accessories that either enhance my book experience or just make reading even more fun and/or cute. If you know of other great bookish items, please tell me about them in the comments below! Come back on Friday for my next quarterly YA book haul!

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