Making sh*t with Jen P: Succulent Fairy Garden

By Jen P


Hey, Geeks! Summer is at full blast, so today I have a neat little craft that brings the outside inside, so you don’t have to get sweaty as balls under the raging devil we call a sun.

It’s a succulent fairy garden!

It’s the perfect combination of fantasy, nature, and did I mention it’s cheap? I got most of the supplies at the Dollar Tree. Woot!

But wait, there’s more!

By adding a few figurines from your favorite fandom, it can become even geekier!

You hear that? EVEN GEEKIER. You can bring this sh*t to whatever geekiness level you’re comfortable with. Drop a Deathstar in there. How about a Totoro? Sprinkle in some Marvel characters, and we’ve got ourselves a party.

Ready to get started? Mix up a beverage from our monster drink party and let’s do this thing!


For this sh*t, you need:

A bowl or flower pot


Plain, rough rocks (for drainage)

Succulents of varying heights

Figurines, fairy houses, and colorful rocks

Step 1:

Place your soil and/or at least your figurines inside the bowl to get an idea of what will fit and where to put it. Take a photo for reference, then pull everything back out and set it aside.


Step 2:

Place your drainage rocks into the bottom of the bowl or pot.


Step 3: 

Dump the soil on top of the rocks and smooth it out.

Step 4:

Now, for the fun part: decorating! I used blue stones to simulate water because I had a cute little bridge.

Tip: I suggest you put the tallest figures and plants in back, and the shortest items in front. This makes the scene more dynamic and feng shui or whatever. But you do you. I’m too drunk to judge.

And there you have it! A precious little garden to enjoy indoors. Check out this succulent care guide for best results.

Here are a few closeups of my finished garden:


Will you try making a succulent garden? Tell us what you’re creating in the comments, and email photos of your finished gardens to or email me directly at 

Later, Geeks!

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