Geek Chic: Han Solo

By Jen P

The Solo movie may have been pure fan service (or fan disservice, depending on your take), but we still love our classic Han. So in his honor, I’ve collected some of my favorite Han merch from the internet.


Everyone needs some Han in their wardrobe, and these leggings ($35) by KawaiianPizzaApparel really hit the mark. They’d go great with this T-Shirt ($21) by Fourteen16.

Accessorize like the coolest smuggler in the galaxy with this replica blaster ($22) by Simply3DCreations; these Millenium Falcon Earrings ($8) by Nerdasm, or this Han’s Lucky Dice bracelet ($11) by MoroccanHandicraftSH.

Even Han needs some practical items every once in a while, but why not be practical in style with this Cell Phone Case ($7) by TheTeaTreasures, this USB Cell Phone Charger ($10) at ThinkGeek, or this handy little tool kit ($20) by ThinkGeek.


Happy Han-ning!

Okay, I’ll go now…

Later, Geeks!

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