Geek Chic: Fandom Beauty

by Taylor

You know what’s great? Fandoms. Fandoms are wonderful and make us feel like we can do anything we can imagine. You know what else can do that? Beauty items! Anything from makeup to bath bombs, finding that special item and then using it, can make you feel anything from relaxed to the boss babe you are. So when our favorite fandoms meet the world of beauty, the world explodes. I’ve compiled a list of some lovely fandom beauty items just for you! So, prepare to rock your inner geek and feel and look like a geeky rockstar!



Are you a princess or villain? These sheet masks can hydrate, heal, and nourish your skin while you relax and get in touch with your inner Disney princess (I’m an Auroa, if I do say so myself) or your inner Disney villain (a sheet mask like this can make you feel as confident and fierce as Ursla). Find the sheet masks here 

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Bath Bomb

While you’ve got your Disney sheet mask on, drop one of these bad boys in your tub. Not only does this bath bomb let you represent your hardcore love of Harry Potter, but this bath bomb goes a step further and sorts you into a Hogwarts house. Talk about bang for your buck! Get this magical bath bomb here

Star Wars


Ready to hop into X-Wing fighter and go show the First Order whats up? Well, don’t forget to put on some of this mascara to define those lashes and serve a hella fierce look to Kylo and the rest of those First Order boys. Find this mascara and more cute Star Wars makeup here

Star Trek

Star Trek

Go where no man has gone before… the planet of cute and shiny lips! These out of the world lipsticks will have you feeling sassy enough to sit in the captain chair and take command of everything around you. The colors are so unique and glittery, perfect for your next cruise through the galaxy or just because. Check out these lipsticks and other Star Trek makeup items here

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Nails

No time to try and replicate all that intricate nail art? No worries! Grab some of these Doctor Who nail decals and save yourself some time, have your nails looking super cute, all while letting the world know, yes, you are available to discuss Doctor Who at any time and will do so at length and in great detail. Get the nail decals here



Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War and now you’re desperate for the next Marvel installment to tide you over until the next Avengers movie? I feel you. But maybe this kickass Marvel makeup line will help. There’s everything from powders to eye liners and lipsticks. Check out this awesome makeup here and maybe the next Avengers movie won’t seem so far away.

DC Comics

Wonder Woman

More of DC Comics lover, no worries, I got your back. Orly came out with a whole line of electric and bright nail polishes. You could mix and match or commit to one color. No matter what color you choose, you will be feeling strong af and ready to take on the world and maybe a couple of bad guys too. You’ll feel unstoppable with this amazing nail polish. Check out all the colors and more Wonder Woman chic items here 

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Feeling a little down about how long it’s taking for the next season of Game of Thrones? Turn that frown upside down with these bold eye shadows. Find your inner Khaleesi by swiping any of these colors across your eyelids and make everyone around you know nothing (like Jon Snow), but your beauty and power. Bow down and get the eye shadows here 


That’s my list! So many beauty items, so little time. Grab some of these items and let your geek flag fly while looking fly as hell (see what I did there?). Do you know of any geeky beauty items not on the list? Let me know so I can check them out! Until next time, stay geeky.


3 thoughts on “Geek Chic: Fandom Beauty

  1. I feel like I need that mascara! lol. MAC does a lot of fandom stuff. I have some of their Wonder Woman line and Disney too. The local one here had me hang out in the store dressed as Wonder Woman when it came out. I did it in exchange for a bunch of free make-up. Worth it 🙂

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    • That sounds awesome! MAC’s fandom stuff is always so cute and well done. I need to get my hands on that mascara. Thanks for reading my post! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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