Geek Chic: 5 Glam Unicorn Items You Can’t Live Without

By Jen P

Personally, I believe there’s a little unicorn in all of us, but for those who especially like to shine, I’ve collected five glam unicorn items you simply cannot live without.

1. To start us off, you can literally become a unicorn with this headband by Etsy seller, DeMoura:

2. Every Unicorn needs to sparkle, and you can with this rainbow highlighter by Etsy seller, TouchOfGlamBeauty:

3. Wanna be super-fance? Bathe in luxury with this unicorn soap by Etsy seller, MeTimeEssentials:

4. Or if you want to be classy AF, drink from this unicorn wine glass by Etsy seller, TwinkleTwinkleLilJar:

5. And for the literary unicorns (don’t think I forgot you!) these majestic bookends by Etsy seller, ScrollMasterDesigns are an absolute must have:

Know of any glam unicorn items I missed? Share in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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