Geek Chic: Parks and Recreational Drinking

by T. Mack


I’m a little late to the Parks and Recreation fan train. But I’ve found that with fandoms, it’s never really too late to be a fan if you’re willing to fully embrace it. In the spirit of fully embracing this fandom, I’ve found some perfect accessories to ladies’ night with my favorite girls. So let’s raise a glass to powerful ladies, beautiful land mermaids, best friends and Galentine’s Days.

Stemless Wine Glasses: Ovaries Before Brovaries / Uteruses Before Duderuses

by OhFerCuteVinyl @*

Parks and Recreation Customized Stemless Wine Glass

Yes, please! I need two of each of these glasses to call it a full set. They are reserved for break-up commiserations, Galentine’s Day celebrations, and those times when one of the significant others does something particularly stupid so that all the gals are pissed at all guys for just having a penis and being connected by association.

Stemless Wine Glasses: Ann to My Leslie / Leslie to My Ann

by DanniBe Collection @*

Best Friend Wine Glass - Best Friend - You're the Ann to my Leslie SET OF 2 OPTION 15 oz Stemless Wine Glass

This is for those ladies who have one and only one best Bestie. She knows who she is and you’re hers and she’s yours. My life doesn’t work like that. Once I didn’t have a single bestie to call my own. Now I’ve been blessed to reach a place in my life where my cup runneth over and I have a number of Anns and Leslies. However, if you’ve got the super-special, single one that’s been the one for everything, that’s awesome. This might be the perfect set for you two.

Stemless Wine Glass: Treat Yo Self

by OhFerCuteVinyl @*


This glass says it all. While you could get more than one of these and make it a set, I recommend getting just one. Then settle in with a bottle of your favorite wine, your favorite film, and your favorite sweet or salty snack. Then do what the glass says and treat yo self!

Of course, these glasses are cool and super useful whether you drink wine from them or not. If alcohol isn’t your thing, have a glass of cold water, cranberry juice, or soda. Whatever you do, have fun with it. If you can, share a special moment with at least one great friend. And don’t forget to occasionally treat yo self!


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