Geek Chic: How to Stay Geeky & Organized

by Taylor

January has come and gone and most New Years resolutions have gone out the window by now. Hey, no judgement! It happens to us all. But there’s no time like the present to make a change. So channel your inner Leslie Knope and prepare to kick ass and take some names with organizational, but very geeky items.

Stranger Things Planner

Stranger things Planner

How gorgeous in this planner?! It’s got the eery, but lovely, Stranger Things background and Jim Hopper’s famous quote. First step in being organized–a.k.a keeping your shit together–is a planner. You can write appointments, meetings, and things to do in here as well as track your habits. Writing it all down will help you feel like things are together even if they aren’t. If you’re a Stranger Things fan like me, you’d adore this planner and how it tells the whole world you are so ready for season 3 already.

Purchase here

Star Wars Book Ends 

Star wars book ends.jpg

What are two of the best things in the world? Answer: books and Star Wars. What’s one of the worst things in the world? Answer: a messy bookshelf. I hoard books and they get stacked on my shelves in no semblance of order, just mostly chaos. A cure for messy shelves are these beautiful bookends. Your books would look so organized and cozy in between this Death Star. It also tells your friends you are willing to discuss Star Wars at any point in time.

Purchase here

Harry Potter Desk Organizer 

Harry Potter office

Calling all my fellow Potterheads out there. We’re never going to get into Hogwarts with a cluttered desk. McGonagall would be ashamed that we leave pens and pencils all over the place, constantly misplacing scissors, rulers, and tape. I can feel the McGonagall scowl. She’s probably taking house points from *insert your house here* right now. This adorable desk organizer will help you keep your desk tidy and maybe get your Hogwarts letter (finally). And you can get it personalized!

Purchase here

Doctor Who Clock 

doctor who clock

A big part of staying organized is being on time. What better way to stay on time than with a Doctor Who clock? Now, The Doctor is famous for being anywhere in time itself, but the man is totally (mostly) punctual. From the 1st to the 12th, all the regenerations arrive just when they are needed. So channel you inner Doctor and stay on time. Or be like the Queen and arrive exactly when you please. Your choice.

Purchase here

Disney Cork Board

Disney Cork .jpg

The big cheese himself. To help keep myself organized, I put stuff on a cork board. It gets stuff out your hands or off your work space. You can post pictures of your loved ones, to do lists, reminder cards, etc. The options are endless, but the goal is the same: get stuff up and away on a cork board. This Mickey Mouse cork board is so cute and perfect for helping you keep it all together.

Purchase here

Parks and Recreation bag 

Parks and rec

Bags are imperative to being organized. Have lots of pens with nowhere to put them? Put them in a bag. Have makeup that’s always on the counter? Put it in a bag. Have candy to hide from others? Put it in a bag. Put ALL THINGS in a bag and have it out of your way and your area more tidy. And Leslie Knope is the Queen of organizing. So while you are putting things in bags and getting your shit together like the badass you are, be inspired to always be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do.

Purchase here 

There you go geeky friends. Now you have several ways to get organized while staying so very geeky.  Let your geek flags fly!


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