The Good & Bad of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

T. Mack & Jen P & Taylor


We three Sister Geeks have all experienced Star Wars: The Last Jedi (some of us twice). Of course, we all have strong feelings about it. But it’s the holiday season and scheduling prevents us from getting together to gush about it in proper fashion. However, we can’t let this week go by without at least sharing some of our feelings about the latest chapter of our favorite space opera. So check out this quick and dirty, spoiler-free share of our TLJ feels.

Loved it? Liked it? Or loathed it?

Star Wars The Last Jedi.jpg

T. Mack: Liked it. There were some epic moments, but the haters were right about some stuff, too.

Jen P: Loved it. Though it’s not the most “Star Warsy” movie of the franchise, as a film, it’s nearly perfect.

Taylor: Loved it! I want to see it 8,000 more times.

#Reylo… Yes? No? Maybe so?


T. Mack: Maybe. Though I think Rey can do better than a tantrum-prone man-child.

Jen P: Maybe. I keep waiting for Rey to go a little dark, to show some balance to Kylo’s remaining shreds of humanity. If that happens, I think they could be an unstoppable team. Romantic? That’d be great– y’all know I love a good romance– but I don’t think it’ll happen. #ShirtlessKyloIsBAE

Taylor: Yes absolutely! This movie made me a #Reylo shipper with all of those [spoilers]. However, I want Kylo Ren to become Ben Solo again and then be with Rey.

What’s the Best?


T. Mack: That red fight scene! It is So. Damned. EPIC!

Jen P: Seriously, I can add nothing to this answer. That red fight sequence was probably the best scene in any Star Wars movie. Ever.

Taylor: I agree. That red fight scene is so amazing and so visually beautiful!

What’s the Worst?


T. Mack: The casino planet. It just felt out of place and ultimately useless.

Jen P: The “revelations” that the fans expected in this film disappointed. *Cough* Rey’s heritage *Cough*.

Taylor: The worst is Poe’s continued hero complex. So many people die because he continues to be reckless and desperate to always be the hero.

What’s Heart-stopping?


T. Mack: The silent moment. It is visually breathtaking and an amazing piece of storytelling.

Jen P: Each unfolding scene of the moment that turned Kylo to the dark side. I loved the dual perspectives of Luke and Kylo.

Taylor: When the fight scene in the red room was done and [Spoiler] asks [Spoiler] to [spoiler]. What would (s)he do?  15 seconds of agony!

What’s Heart-breaking?


T. Mack: That flinch when the door closes very near the end of the film. Even after everything, it hurts.

Jen P: I still miss Han too much to be sad about anything in this film. TLJ seemed like a happy reprieve.

Taylor: That flinch gets me too. [Spoiler] is so torn up when that door closes. It made my heart hurt for them. But alas, (s)he they did it to themselves.

What’s Incredibly Clever?

Crystal Fox

T. Mack: Forcetime aka Force Skype aka (officially) The Force Connection. It’s great! I really enjoyed this new Force power, even if it didn’t completely make logical sense.

Jen P: The adorable, funny, or just plain weird alien life in this film. See above photo ^^^. Crystal foxes? (Actual name: Vulptex) OMG SO CUTE. The Island Caretakers? Those fish-headed ladies added early comic relief. Giant horse bunnies? (Fathiers) Where do I get one for myself? But as for the much-obsessed-over Porgs? Meh. The penguin rats were cute, but they infested the Millenium Falcon, so I’m not feeling it.

Taylor: I think the way [Spoiler] killed [Spoiler] was clever. Using deception and the Force to create misdirection for a surprise strike was great.

What’s Totally Ridiculous?


T. Mack: [Spoiler Alert] as Mary Poppins. Seriously. That was just stupid.

Jen P: Alien breastmilk. Just, ewww.

Taylor: The Porgs are a bit ridiculous and really served no purpose to the story, but they are so cute and they quickly became my spirit animal.

What’s Your Verdict?


T. Mack: A solid bridge film that doesn’t totally suffer from the sequel slump. There is good stuff and I like the new Force powers. However, this is a film that doesn’t completely respect the history it’s built upon. I get it… Rian Johnson wants us to “let go of the past.” But I believe we should also remember it and respect it. I don’t feel like he did and that’s a shame. I give it 4 SHIELDS.

4 SG Shields

Jen P: Growing up a Star Wars fan, I’m surprised I didn’t have more issues with this film. As I stated above, I found it cinematically perfect. The dark moments were well balanced with love, humor, and a strong feeling of camaraderie among the rebels. (Even though I lean dark side myself, I secretly want the rebel scum to win.) For all around enjoyableness in a film-going experience, I give it 4.5 Shields.

4.5 SG Shields

Taylor: I adored this film partly because of the Porgs, but mainly because of the character development for Kylo, Rey, and even Luke (aka Jedi Master of being sassy and petty). I also enjoyed this overall theme of “let the past die” because with so few of the human characters left from the original films, it feels like this film was used to truly hand the story line over to the next generation. While I will greatly miss seeing those original faces gracing the screen, I think it’s time to embrace this new bunch of misfits trying to bring the light back to the galaxy.  While I do see that there are some not-so-great parts of the movie, I truly enjoyed it so I will give it 4 SHIELDS.

4 SG Shields

And that’s the Sister Geeks quick review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Have you seen TLJ yet? If not, why? If so, what did you think? Do you agree with our assessments? What were your favorite and least favorite things about the film? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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