Making Sh*t with Jen P: Magical Unicorn Headband

By Jen P

Today, I’ll share how to make some super useful sh*t: a unicorn headband! And since it’s the season of eggnog and spiked cider, I’ve chosen to decorate mine in poinsettias and glittering green. But the color and embellishments are at your discretion. Want a unicorn horn in bud light blue with flowers made from up-cycled beer cans? Why the fuck not? Just make sure you’ve had your tetanus shot.

To make this sh*t, you need:

Dranks!!! (I suggest our very own frosted unicorn farts)

A round plate or bowl

A pen

A ruler


Glue or Mod Podge

Glue gun and sticks

A headband

Some glittery ass cardstock

Another sheet of cardstock in a contrasting color

Some colored string, yarn, or thin cord

Flowers, ribbon, and other sh*t to decorate


For Best results, watch the video, but I’ve written somewhat of a transcript below with a few pics of confusing parts. Happy crafting!

1. Decide how tall you want the horn to be (I chose 5″– ignore the ruler in the pic below. My first attempt at this sucked because I made the horn too short.). Flip your glitter paper to the back side, and pick a corner. Mark your chosen length on each side away from the corner.

2. Place the plate or bowl over that corner of the paper, line the edge up to the two points, and trace a rounded line from one mark to the next. It should look like a wide slice of pie.

3. Draw an ear shape, like a large teardrop or an old-fashioned Christmas light (see the crappy sketch below), leaving a short tab at the bottom to glue to the headband. (Or don’t. Who gives a f*ck?)img_7291

4. Cut the ear out, flip it glitter-side-up, and use it to trace another. Cut that one out too.

5. Draw some inner ear shapes on the contrasting sheet of paper (same shape as big ear, but about half the size, and without the tab). Cut them out, and glue them onto the glittery side of the ear with the Mod Podge or regular Elmer’s glue.

6. Cut the pie wedge piece out, and hot glue the end of the string/cord/yarn onto the main corner. Leaving the long end of the string hanging out from the point, roll the paper to form a cone. (Use the finished product photo below to get an idea of how the cone should look.) Once you have the shape you want, use the hot glue gun to glue the outside edge down in place.

7. Wrap the string in a spiral around the cone until you reach the bottom. Cut. Hot glue in place.

8. Hot glue the horn and ears to the headband.

9. Using hot glue gun, decorate with flowers and sh*t.


Now that your headband is complete (and you’re good and tipsy), it’s time to show off your creation. From an ugly sweater party to a last-minute liquor run, you can’t go wrong with this stunning beauty. And if anyone gives you sh*t, tell them you’re a f*cking unicorn and they need to shut the hell up before you ram your horn up their ass.


I hope you enjoyed this special Christmas edition of Making Sh*t with Jen P. Thanks for crafting with me, and happy holidays, Geeks!

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