Geeky Gift-Giving, Pt 5: BOOK LOVERS

by T. Mack

Thanks for joining us for more geeky gift guidance. Today, we’ve got super cool gifts for the bibliophile (book lover) and avid reader in your life. You know, that one that will hurl things at your face if you try to talk to them while they’re in the last 2 chapters of any book. The following gifts are for those people:


Book Sleeves

These cool book sleeves keep texts protected while your book-loving bestie totes them everywhere — because obviously, you can’t be caught out in the world without a book on you at all times. Obviously!

Go Away Mugs

These mugs can hold a reader’s favorite warm beverage and send just the right message to anyone who might be tempted to interrupt their reading time.

Personalized Book Marks

These handy book marks get the job done with style and personalized flair.

Book Lover Personalized Book Marks.jpg

Wooden Book Coasters

These little books are cool, classy, and help keep rings off the coffee table. What’s not to love?

Shirts, Shirts, and even more Shirts

Of course, a shirt is always a terrific way to express bibliophilia. Here’s a small sampling of some great ones.

Water Bottle

For the book nerd in your life who likes to keep a cool drink rather than a warm beverage to sip, there’s this water bottle that leaves no question about what they’re into.

Book Nerd Bottle.jpg

And that’s it. I hope this week-long gifting guide has helped give your some great ideas for the geeks in your life this holiday season. Please shop responsibly and remember that having you is a better gift than anything else you can give. Be good to each other, geeks, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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