Geeky Gift-Giving, Pt 2: GAME OF THRONES

by T. Mack

Welcome back to our 2017 geeky gift guide. Yesterday, we covered the Star Wars fans. Today, we’re guiding you through a selection of gifts that could be perfect for the Game of Thrones lover in your life.

Game of Thrones

Toilet Decal

Come on. This is just funny! Who wouldn’t want to turn their porcelain throne into the iron throne? This humorous decal makes it totally possible.

Game of Thrones throne installation.jpg

House Shot Glasses

This seems like the perfect set of glasses for the watch party drinking games. You know which ones I’m talking about. Come to think of it, maybe you’ll need two sets.


Wooden Dragon Hair Pin

For the Mother of Dragons fan in your life, this unique gift will be a perfect, pleasant surprise. I promise she’ll love anything that let’s her outwardly represent her inner Khaleesi.

Dragon Hair Pin


House Yeti Cup

Every Game of Thrones fan has their favorite house. These personalized Yeti cups let them represent for their fave. I’ve given a similar gift to a friend who, beyond my understanding, absolutely loves House Lannister. I bet your GOT fan will love theirs as much as mine loved his.

Game of Thrones House Yeti Cups.jpg


Will any of these work for the Game of Thrones fan in your life? What perfect GOT gift have you come up with? Let me know in the comments below and come back tomorrow for more great geeky gift suggestions.

In case you missed yesterday’s gift guide, check it out right here: Pt 1: STAR WARS

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