Geeky Gift-Giving, Pt 1: STAR WARS

by T. Mack

It’s that time again, geeks… the season we spend way too much money showering our loved ones with crap they’ll love, but don’t actually need. If you’ve got geeks in your life, you’ll know that gift-giving can be an exciting, but nerve-wracking process. This week, I’ve got your back. I’ll be helping you find cool, but cost-effective, gifts for the geeks in your life. First up, a few things for Star Wars fans:

Star Wars.jpg

Glass Whiskey Decanter Set

This decanter set is geeky, classy, and useful. I don’t even drink whiskey on a regular basis but I’d be happy to have this beautiful set at home.

Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Darth Vader Flask Set

I promise I’m not a lush. But you have to admit that this flask is pretty awesome as well.

Star Wars Flask Set

R2-D2 & BB-8 USB Car Chargers

The two cutest droids in the galaxy are available to ride around with you and make sure your devices stay charged up. I’d like one of each.


Journal & Pen Set

This classy journal and pen set is perfect for the geek who has things to do. This super cool set will let them represent their fandom while getting stuff done.

Star Wars Journal and Pen

Vinyl Record Clock

Everyone needs to know what time it is. Might as well use this cool silhouette clock to get the job done.

Star Wars Clock

Lunch Bag

Geeks gotta eat, too. What better way to carry lunch than in this stylish, handled lunch bag?

Star Wars Lunch Bag

Any of these look like the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? Or do you have other recommendations? Let me know in the comments below and keep checking in all week for geeky gift guidance.

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