Amazon’s Show ‘Lore’ Combines Film with Podcasts

Amazon’s Show ‘Lore’ Combines Film with Podcasts

by: Ana

I wasn’t looking for it…it just popped up on my Facebook News Feed, but when I saw the promo for Amazon’s new show “Lore” I was immediately curious.  The promo showed different stories set in the past.  One showed a doctor with an ice pick, another a creepy doll, and yet another a man accusing a woman of not really being his wife.  Each story looked interesting, but I didn’t understand what made it different from other TV shows.  That is, until I watched it.lore-amazon-poster

When the show first starts its credits, you see that it’s based on a podcast.  The podcast was launched in 2015 by writer Aaron Mahnke.  It was so popular that it won an award boasting Best of 2015 honors from iTunes.   Luckily, Executive Producers from “The Walking Dead” and “The X-Files” took the idea and created a show that now brings together audio and visual in a different way.

Lore podcast

I’m not really sure that I can accurately describe the show, but I feel that it’s innovative enough that I should at least try.  Our generation takes books and makes them into audio books or takes books and makes them into movies, but what if now we start taking podcasts and making them into television shows?  If that’s the case, then Amazon might be the first streaming network in a long line of podcast inspired television shows.  Amazon might be the first to have taken the fairly new media form of “podcasts” and exposed it to an audience that otherwise might not have listened to it.

The airing of this show was weirdly coincidental for me.  I had never listened to a podcast before, but recently someone had recommended the podcast called “S-Town”.  “S-Town” was produced by the people who created “Serial” and “This American Life”, other podcasts that are very popular with listeners.  I had never listened to podcasts before, but when I heard “S-Town”, I realized how wonderful they can be.  Podcasts bring back the power of story telling, but in a sort of “news” format.  You’re listening to a story unfold and the story teller is sort of like an investigative journalist who fills you in on clues.  I can only speculate that podcasts must feel to us what radio shows before television must have felt like to the older generation.

So now that I’m praising the power of podcasts, why should you watch a show that deals with the visual?  Why should you watch a television show when I’m talking about focusing on listening?  For me personally, the show represents two things I love.  The show brings a “campfire tales” feel to a superstitious audience, but at the same time reveals historical facts for the skeptics in all of us.  It is an origin story sprinkled with little seeds of the truth, delightful, slightly deceptive, and yes in my opinion, refreshingly different.  Each episode tells a different story and centers on a different superstition, or folk-lore.

I would not recommend this show to anyone seeking instant gratification.  “Lore” is a slow burn type show.  It pulls you in by introducing you to the characters who you will get attached to in the story and then incorporates history into it.  I actually feel like I’m learning something when I watch this show.  I also would not recommend this show to anyone who is easily annoyed by voices.  That is a weird thing to say, but let me explain.  In keeping with the inspiration behind the podcast, writer Aaron Mahnke does a voice over for the show.  Due to this, his voice has a very “newscaster” tone to it.  It can be a little off-putting at first, but when you realize that this is probably for the original fans, you get used to it and move through the episodes fairly quickly.  I’ll warn you that the first episode was a little difficult to sit through, but the ending of it was well worth it.  I’m happy to say each episode keeps getting better and better.  (I’m currently on episode 4, I believe there are 6 total).

As I progress through the episodes, I think my rating of it gets higher and higher.  Initially, I was tempted to give the show three Sister Geek shields, but I think now I would venture to say it deserves three and half-I won’t give it four stars because I don’t think the show would be liked by all audiences.  However, if you like the supernatural and you like history, and science, you will probably like this show.

3.5 SG Shields



If you’re curious and you haven’t seen the promos for “Lore”, feel free to check out the link below.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can stream all of the episodes for free.  “Lore” currently has one season released on Amazon.

Seen “Lore”?  What did you think of it?  Or are you interested in seeing the show?

Give us your thoughts fellow geeks and thanks for reading!


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