Stranger Things

by Taylor

Today’s the day, Strangers! Season 2 of Stranger Things is FINALLY here! Call in sick to work, disconnect your phone, and turn on Netflix. It’s time to binge! But first, let’s talk about some of the theories from Season 1 and a few of the things that definitely need to be in Season 2.


Eleven and the Demogorgon:

eleven and demogorgon

There’s no denying that Eleven is connected to the Demogorgon. She even calls herself the monster during Season 1. There are theories all over inter webs that say Eleven is tied to the monster that is terrorizing Hawkins, Indiana. This makes sense when you think about it. She can tap into where the monster is and at the very end of the last episode, she is the only one who can defeat the Demogorgon. When she does the monster disappears and she does too. So the connection between Eleven and the Demogorgon seems clear. Some theorize that the monster is a manifestation of Eleven’s anger and fury towards the evil doctors who experimented on her and forced her into isolation, making the monster a walking puppet carrying out Eleven’s vengeful wishes. But if you ask me, the monster and the Upside Down are a side effect of the experiments. Eleven has mind powers and throughout the show it’s hinted that she gained these powers through weird LSD experimentation. But what if in the process of creating these mind powers in humans, the evil scientist created something out in the world, an anti world if you will. The Upside Down is just a dirty, grimy, and dark version of our own world. The Demogorgon is just like Eleven in the sense that it acts on basic instincts only due to being isolated for most of its life. When Eleven breaks free of the labs, she runs until she gets to a restaurant and then steals food, shoving as much into her mouth as possible. Her instinct was to eat, just like the Demogorgon’s, except the Demogorgon eats live animals and people and Eleven is just trying to eat some Eggos. That’s how the Demogorgon and Eleven are connected. The Demogorgon is a side effect of these experiments. I don’t think they are connected because they are the same person, but as people/creatures who have endured and experienced similar walks of life so far. One just has more sinister intentions than the other. And I think the Demogorgon and the Upside Down came into existence through Eleven. Throughout the season, we see Eleven have huge bursts of anger and use her power to kill monsters and flip vans. I think during an experiment, Eleven got fed up and reacted extremely angry and through her emotional reaction, her powers gave life to a world that is just like ours, but worse. And there lives a monster that is just like her. But because these things were born of anger, that’s where the Demogorgon gets its evil intentions from. What is born of evil will be evil. This is how Eleven is able to mentally search the Upside Down and find where Will is, how she knows where the monster is, and why she says she is the monster. She isn’t the monster, but she is responsible for its creation. That is also why she is the only person able to kill the monster. Only the creator of a monster can its be demise. It all comes full circle. But that’s just my theory.


Eleven is Hopper’s Daughter:

hoppers daughter

I’m continuing here with my girl Eleven. There are theories everywhere that think Eleven is Hopper’s daughter. We get a few brief flashbacks from Hopper’s life where we see his wife and daughter. We also see that his daughter gets very sick and Hopper says several times in the season that his daughter died and that he and his wife divorced over it. Yet people think Eleven is Hopper’s daughter. But I ask you, where are the receipts? Don’t get me wrong, I would love for Eleven to be Hopper’s daughter. I would love for Hopper to get some joy in his life and for Eleven to have a family to belong to. That would be so lovely. But I don’t think the Duffer Brothers role that way. I side with the part of the internet that thinks Eleven is the daughter of Terry Ives, the woman Hopper and Joyce visit in an attempt to find Will. Terry Ives was also a victim of LSD experimentation that had serious repercussions on her. Terry underwent these procedures while she was pregnant. She was told that the baby did not survive the experiments. If you ask me, knowing that these scientist float on the evil and selfish side of life, I think they saw a huge opportunity with Terry’s baby. If they couldn’t produce mind powers in adult humans, would infant humans be more influenced? If so, this would explain who Eleven’s mom is. Unfortunately, if my theory is true, due to Terry’s current state, she may not be able to have an involved relationship with Eleven. Fortunately though, Eleven has tons of people who are willing to protect her, care for her, and love her. She has Joyce, who encourages her and gives her strength to keep going even when she is afraid. She has the boys, who defend her. And she has Hopper, who cares for her by leaving her favorite food for her. Whichever theory is true, Eleven will be well cared for and a part of the strangest family and group of friends ever.


Nancy and Jonathan:


Here is a theory I can get behind 100%. Nancy and Jonathan are the Stranger Things OTP (one true pairing). Sure, Nancy ended season 1 with Steve, but things can change. Hear me out! Steve is a jackass of epic proportions and I didn’t care for him one bit. He’s only after one thing, he gets the thing, and acts like Nancy is his property and doesn’t want to listen to her when she needs it the most. Steve refuses to listen to Nancy about Barb and wanting to go to the police for help. Instead he worries about his parents finding out that he and his friends were drinking alcohol while they were out of town. Missing the point, aren’t you Stevie? Steve also looses his mind when he sneaks up to Nancy’s room and sees her being comforted by Jonathan. He loses his mind to such an extent that he and his friends spray paint the local movie theater to say “All the Right Moves: Starring Nancy “The Slut” Wheeler”. Is it just me, or did Steve just slut shame his own girlfriend because she was upset and an old friend was comforting her? She didn’t kiss Jonathan or have any romantic involvement with him whatsoever, yet Steve lost his entire cool over a side hug. Not worthy boyfriend material if you ask me. Even when Steve comes around and gets in a fight with his friends over the spray painting and getting his ass handed to him by Jonathan, he still seems a bit meh to me. Yes, Steve comes and helps Nancy and Jonathan fight the Demogorgon in the Byers house, but ugh. Steve and Nancy just don’t make sense. They don’t mesh like they should. Especially after Barb goes missing and Nancy’s perspective on life shifts. She starts to understand that there is danger and that life is short when there are monsters running around your town. Steve does not have a similar realization. That’s when they as could begin to make less sense and her and Johnathan begin to make the most sense. Nancy is scared for herself, for her friend, for her little brother’s friend, and for Jonathan. She begins to care more for others than herself. Steven not so much. With this whole Upside Down and monster business going on, Nancy and Jonathan walk through the journey together. Stuff like that changes a person. It completely shifts their perspective on life and people. Only someone who has also experienced those horrors can understand the nightmares and emotional and mental struggle that comes after surviving all that. Nancy and Jonathan need to be together because they get each other emotionally and mentally. They support each other and lift one another up. And Johnathan isn’t a slut-shaming sack of dog poop. Yeah, I said it. Nancy and Jonathan 4-ever.


Will and the Slug:

will mirror

In the last few minutes of the last episode of season 1, Will is happily back home and about to have dinner with his family when he excuses himself to go wash his hands. In the bathroom we see Will throw up a spiky slug into the sink. It had to come from the thing that was shoved down his throat when he was in the Upside Down. I can only assume the weird thing that was down his throat laid slug eggs inside Will, thus making him throw up the occasional slug. Following his regurgitation, Will blinks and he is momentarily in the Upside Down. He blinks again and he is back home. Here come the theories! Theory 1–the slug Will throws up will become one of two things: either the monster in season 2 (the Thesselhydra) or mini Demogorgon’s out in the world creating the whole cycle over again. Theory 2–because of these slimy slugs Will is now connected to the Upside Down and possibly its inhabitants. I think these slugs will tie Will to the Upside Down in a similar way Eleven is connected to it. That’s why he can blink and see the Upside Down, whether he means to or not. And if the slug turns out to be season 2’s monster, then I assume Will have a similar connection to the monster that Eleven did. Because this strange life has been thrust upon Will, he has no control over what is happening to him and likely won’t have any control over the monster he released into the world, which would allow the slug to grow into a terrifying monster that will come to Hawkins to destroy everything and everyone. Something in the Season 2 trailer backs up this theory. There is a flash of the monster and everyone spinning in circles with weapons and someone screaming, “What does it want?” Will replies, “Not me. It wants everyone else”. There’s like a 75% chance at least one of my theories about Will and the slug is right. It’s about to go down in Hawkins!




will 2

I believe Will plays a major role in season 2. He’s back from the Upside Down and all kinds of shit is wrong with him from throwing up spiky slugs to blinking and suddenly being in the Upside Down. I want Will in every single episode, primarily because he was the main character of Season 1 and he barely had any screen time. Give me all the Will. The boy survived the Upside Down and lived to tell the tale, so give him some more screen time pretty please. I want to find out what is going on with his slug throw up, his Upside Down blinking, why he can understand what this new monster wants, how he is coping with his family and friends now that he’s back, and how he might be treated differently. How are the cops going to explain why they buried someone and it wasn’t Will? I want to hear all about the Upside Down from his perspective! I also want to get to know Will more as a character. In season 1, we knew that he liked to draw, loved Dungeons and Dragons, was unsure about his dad, and liked the music his brother gave him. But there’s more to him than that and I want to know about it. Let him actually be the main character this season… Please!


Justice for Barb:


Let’s talk about my girl Barb. We all know she was the coolest girl in school with those mom jeans and big glasses. She was the only teenager who seemed to operate with some common sense. She was loyal as hell and tried so hard to show Nancy she deserved more than Steve and that Steve was an a-hole who was just going to use her. If Barb was real, I would be BFF’s with her. She was taken too quickly in season 1 and I was so hoping Eleven would find her alive in the Upside Down, but alas, she does not and Eleven has quite the upset over it. She screams and panics over Barb’s dead body. I think this was Eleven’s first brush with death and the capability of her monster. Poor Barb. The Duffer Brothers have also confirmed that Barb is legit dead, but there will be vengeance for her death is season 2. Hell yes! Can the cops in this town act like they care about finding her? Can someone care about her other than Nancy and Barb’s mom? Barb deserves better. Barb was iconic. Let there be the most pleasing and rueful vengeance for Barb!


New characters:


There are going to be several new characters in this season and I’m interested to see what happens with them. There is a new teenager in town, who I’m sure will shake things up with the older kid crowd. There’s also a new kid around the boys’ and Eleven’s age. So I’m sure that will throw off the group. And a new adult character will be Joyce’s boyfriend! My girl Joyce is going to get some love in her life! Hopefully a better love than her ex-husband, who was a grade-A buttface. This boy better treat Joyce like the badass queen she is. I hope these new characters are coming in to add something to the show, to add a new layer or force the main characters to look at themselves or their situation differently. I hope the new characters aren’t being brought in just to shake things up because that may not work out the way the Duffer Brothers want it to. Why mess up a good thing, right? So if you can hear me Duffer Brothers… Only good new characters! No bullies or buttheads. Pinky promise?


So those are my theories on season 1 and my hopes for season 2 of Stranger Things. Leave a comment below and let me know your theories. What are you looking forward to in Season 2. Stay strange!



4 thoughts on “Stranger Things

  1. I’m so glad to know we have something new to bing now! Taylor, your blog reminded me of tons of things I had forgotten. I look forward to checking out season two and seeing if you’re right…as soon as football is over. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As you know, I was unimpressed with Season 1 of this show and only finished it (eventually) because you convinced me to do so. I only started Season 2 because I had the time Friday and needed a show to watch while I did mundane things. But this new season captured me in the way Season 1 didn’t. You were so right about so many things… Well done!
    And can we just talk about all the epic hashtags that came out of this? #bullshit #mama #sister #Bobthebrave #demodog #TheMostEpicScreamingMatchEver!!!!
    Well done, Taylor. You’ve officially made me a fan.


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