Geek Chic: Stranger Things

by Taylor

If you’re a Stranger Things nerd like me, on October 27th (and honestly every day until then) you’re finding someway to rep your love of all things strange. My bookshelves have just about every Stranger Things Funko POP and I proudly wear my “Should I stay or should I Eggo?” sweatshirt (complete with several animated eggos, because duh). Until October 27th, here are several Stranger Things items to hold you over or to wear during your next season 1 binge session.

For the cat lovers this poster is purrfectly adorable:

Screenshot-2017-10-17 Strange Fur Things

If you’re a true 80’s fan (eat your heart out, Molly Ringwald): 

Screenshot-2017-10-17 Amazon com Stranger Things Tv Show Inspired T-Shirt Clothing(1)

If you’re more of a Hopper kind of person and this phrase needs stating every AM: 

Screenshot-2017-10-17 Amazon com Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation - Glass Coffee Mug - Makes a Great Gift for Stra[...]

And finally if you love to read and you want your bookmarks to be both cute and strange:



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