by T. Mack

Hey, geeks! You know how much we love our fandoms around here. And while our love spans many film, book, and television series, we can’t cover them all. Sometimes, it’s necessary to bring in friends to help us highlight cool stuff that’s just not on our radar. This Friday marks the Season 2 premier of the Netflix Original Series,  Stranger Things. While Jen, Ana, and I don’t watch the show, we do understand that it’s pretty amazing. So we’ve asked our brand new Sister Geek, Taylor, to take over this week and share her obsession for all things STRANGE with you.

Taylor is a proud Ravenclaw and has the theme to Sherlock set as the ringtone on her phone. She’s a sucker for young adult fiction and strong, female characters. She refuses to be ashamed of her child-like love of nearly all things Disney and her bookmark collection is both utterly adorable and slightly ridiculous. In regards to Stranger Things, she has obsessively watched the first season numerous times and feels a kindred connection to Eleven and her love of Eggos.


Stay tuned all week for fun stuff from Taylor leading up to the Stranger Things premier on Friday. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, it seems like this is the perfect time to check out Season 1. You won’t even have to wait around for your next fix since season 2 is nearly here.


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