Geek Chic: Outlander

By Jennifer

To celebrate the newest season of Outlander, let’s look at some of the ways you can celebrate your fandom with accessories of all sorts. From Etsy to Zazzle to Hot Topic/Torrid, the new season brings with it a torrent of new items to help you share your Sassenach-ness with the world.

Sassenach Pin


If you’re on a budget or want a wee reminder of your favorite show, here’s a pin that would look great on your jacket or your favorite bag.

Sassenach Decal


Help other Sassenachs find you on the busy highway or in the local coffee shop with this decal. Stick it on your back window or on your laptop and show your love of Outlander!

“I’d Rather Be in Lallybroch” Necklace


Wear a little reminder of your love for Jamie, Jenny, and Ian and all of the Fraser/Murray family with this adorable necklace.

“A. Malcolm” Shirt


Look forward to the iconic Print Shop scene with this t-shirt, proudly advertising Jamie’s new (and seditious) post-Culloden career.

Claire’s Swing Coat


Both Hot Topic and Torrid have created Outlander-inspired lines of clothing to celebrate the new season, including this awesome coat.

“Dinna Fash, Sassenach” Dolman Shirt


This sweet dolman t-shirt gives you the reassurances that Jamie Fraser gives Claire. Watch the new season in style while wearing this cute shirt.

“Vive les Frasers” Mouse Pad


Celebrate your love of Outlander while hard at work with this mouse pad. Relive that ‘honeypot’ scene every time you look at Claire’s red dress.

Thistle of Scotland Emblem Otterbox Symmetry iPhone 7 Case 


Compliment your Outlander ringtone with a tartan and thistle case for your iPhone 7. Even better, it’s an OtterBox case so you know your phone will be safe while it’s styling.


Happy shopping, Fellow Sassenachs!

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