by T. Mack

It’s Shark Week, girls and boys! I’ve found a few great items to help you celebrate. Check out these treats from Etsy, our favorite geek gear website.


Absolutely Adorable Shark Socks

Shark Socks

These absolutely adorable Shark socks from HandmadebyMrsSmith will keep you cozy while getting you in the mood for Shark Week. Better still, they’ll help you keep that Shark Week mood alive all Winter long as you wait for next year’s Shark Week.

Shark Week Shirt

Shark Week Shirt

It’s all about Shark Week here at Sister Geeks. If you feel the same way, this Shark Week shirt from Little Atoms may be just the thing for you.

Shark Mug

Shark Mug

This shark mug by LennyMud is cute, funny, and functional. It will be interesting to see what gets devoured first… the diver or the cookies.

Shark Earrings

These super-cute shark earrings from ZOOKEEPERSTUDIO are the perfect accessory to get yourself and everyone around you in the Shark Week spirit!

Do you rep for Shark Week? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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