Kings Among Beasts: Our Favorites of 2017’s Summer of Monsters

This summer, we spent each month on a trio of monsters. Each of us covered a specific beastie and highlighted why they were better than the rest. Of course, we all have our personal favorites. Which specific monster reigned in each category?

Read on to see if your favorites made the list.

T. Mack

This summer, I got to talk about a few of my favorite monsters: werewolves, dragons, and witches. While these three together make up some of the best fictional creatures, I have favorites even within each category. Here are the ones I love above all the rest:

Werewolves: Adam Hauptman


Despite all the hot and muscle-laden werewolves television and movies have to offer, I actually pull my favorite from the realm of literature. Adam Hauptman, of the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, is the best of the best. Adam is a father, husband, entrepreneur, military veteran, respected member of society, and totally in-control Alpha of a respectable wolf pack. He is smart, sexy, and determined to protect his family and his pack at any cost. All that trumps just being pretty any old day. Though in my mind, he’s pretty darned hot as well.

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Dragons: Falkor


My favorite dragon is a throwback to my childhood. Falkor, from The Neverending Story (1984), was and will likely always remain the friendliest and most helpful dragon around. Yes, the 80’s effects are terrible. Yes, he actually looks pretty terrifying when you view him now. Yes, he seems more like a deformed dog than an actual dragon. And no, he does NOT breathe fire. But c’mon, you know you wanted to ride on his back as a kid. And it’s okay to admit you still want to take a ride on him now even as an adult. This is a safe space. No judgement.

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Witches: The Charmed Ones


There are a LOT of witches out there, but my favorites by far have to be those fashionable and fabulous Charmed Ones, the Halliwell Sisters. These ladies are a whole lot of sweet mixed with just the right amount of sour and a heaping of sass. They create the perfect potion to enchant almost any audience. I have yet to love any witch the way I adore these sisters.

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Jen P

This summer, I covered Vampires, Mermaids, and Demons. Here are the ones that I personally love more than all the rest:

Vampires: Damon Salvatore

damon salvatore


Sure, Dracula is the guy we all know, but Damon is sexy, broody, and just a little bit evil. He covers all we’ve come to expect from a modern vampire, but Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal of the character helps him rise above all the rest. Sorry, Edward.

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Mermaids: Ariel

mermaid ariel swimming

There’s really no competition when it comes to crowning a mermaid queen. Aquamarine made a bid for the running with her quirky charms, but it came down to nostalgia and originality. Both girls disobeyed daddy to find true love, but Ariel did it first, and she did it with award winning songs and a diva sea witch hot on her heels. It’s tough to compete with Disney.

Check out my article on mermaids.

Demons: Lucifer

Demons Lucifer

King of Hell, and king of demon kind, who else was I to crown? Lucifer is fun to watch. It’s one of the few shows I don’t allow to build up in the DVR, and a lot of that has to do with Tom Ellis’s flamboyant portrayal of the character. He’s funny, tortured, and just a little bit evil. I might have a type…

Check out my article on demons.


My contribution to the Summer of Monsters was: Zombies, Unicorns, and Aliens.  Here are a few that I love and you may love too.

Zombies: Night of the Living Dead

It would be an injustice to not choose Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  After all, he is arguably “the father of the undead” in cinema.  And with his recent passing, we should recognize even more so his unique contribution.  Even today, “Night of the Living Dead” is one of the scariest zombie movies of all time.  The way the zombies move and act without reason is frightening, the fact that it could be anyone is unnerving, and the zombies’ unwillingness to stop makes this film continue to freak its audiences out.

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Unicorns: The Last Unicorn


My favorite unicorn movie is “The Last Unicorn”.  I grew up listening to the music, adored the beautiful unicorn, and swooned as the young prince fell in love with her (he didn’t realize she was a unicorn).  And bonus, the movie showed other magical creatures as well.  I could still watch this movie, and even hum along when the princess/unicorn sings “Everything has Changed” or when the band America sings “Walking Man’s Road”.

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Aliens: Alien


Aliens represent a fear of the unknown.  Although they’re usually portrayed as wanting to cause ill-will, sometimes Hollywood flips the script.  However, in the classic movie “Alien” starring Sigourney Weaver, there is no doubt that aliens are evil. It’s one of my all-time favorite films because it beautifully combines sci-fi and horror into a sexy, scream-filled, visual effects masterpiece. And Weaver plays Ripley as the kind of sensitive, yet strong woman we need more of in cinema. I could easily watch all of the “Alien” films in a single sitting.

Check out my article on aliens.

So which monsters did we get right? Do you have a favorite monster or a favorite among those we chose? Let us know in the comments!

We hope you enjoyed our summer of monsters, and tune in next week for the real life monsters of summer: sharks!

Later, Geeks

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