For the Love of…Aliens

For the Love of…Aliens

By: Ana

The term “alien” is usually associated with something extraterrestrial, or not of this planet.  You may picture intelligent different beings that long only to communicate with us and share information.  Or perhaps you envision a warlike species that thirsts for the domination of the human race.  They might be our saviors or the unlocking to our ultimate demise.  Will you take a journey with me, my fellow geeks, a journey that allows you to suspend your disbelief and exposes you to a world…a world full of aliens?

  1. They mean us no harm…

The task?  Making an alien that was “cute” and that kids would want to play with.  Thanks to producer Stephen Spielberg, that goal was accomplished.  Enter “E.T.” a short little child like alien separated from his family who only wants to go home.  Meanwhile, he is protected by his new human friends Elliott (played by Henry Thomas) and Gertie (played by Drew Barrymore).

ET pic

2. They only want to “serve” man…

I put serve in quotation marks because it illustrates the punchline of a famous “The Twilight Zone” episode I love to watch every New Year’s Eve when the Sci-Fy channel airs a marathon of “The Twilight Zone” series.  In the black and white episode entitled “To Serve Man” (set in the 60’s),  an alien race comes to Earth claiming to come in peace and they say that they only wish to “Serve mankind.”  The government decides to hear the species out.  They have a hearing where the alien explains that they are willing to take humans to their home planet to learn about their culture and to live with them.  After some time, the government agrees to it.  In the meantime, a journalist who suspects the aliens are up to no good tries to translate literature that he has obtained from the aliens.  The only thing he and his assistant are able to decipher is the title which says “To Serve Mankind”.  The journalist decides the aliens must actually be there to help humans and proceeds to board the alien vessel in favor of learning about them.  However, to his horror, he realizes that the literature they discovered was a recipe and that mankind is one of the ingredients…


3.  They just want to find love…you know kind of like a preying mantis?

In the 1990’s movie series “Species” a scientist discovers the genetic sequence for an alien code.  With it, he makes “Sil” (played by Natasha Henstridge).  Sil escapes in a desperate attempt to find a suitable human mate to impregnate her.  With time running out, a team of government fighters is sent out to stop her violent quest.

species movie poster

4.  Still, everyone has their own interpretation of what an alien encounter is like.  Just ask SNL:

5. Maybe they just want to go home…

In the comedy movie “Paul” an alien escapes a military facility and befriends two science fiction nerds traveling in an RV.  What happens next is an adventure full of mishaps.

Paul movie poster


6. Or maybe they just wanted to go on a little hunting trip…

In the movie “Predator” series, a group of aliens invade Earth in order to make Earth their new hunting ground.  They engage in a game of chase and kill while a group of soldiers try to protect themselves.

predator movie poster

7.  And of course we can’t talk about loving aliens without talking about the mother of all alien movies.  You guessed it…the movie “Alien”.  In this badass science fiction action series, Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) finds herself trapped with other crew members on a space ship that unknowingly houses an alien form.

alien poster

And that’s it folks.  Hope you were able to get a glimpse into why we love aliens so much!  Take to the comments and let us know, what’s your favorite alien movie? Any we didn’t name that you adore and why?

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