Geek Chic: Demons vs Hunters

By Jen P

There are two sides to every story, so this week I’m featuring both demons and the badasses who hunt them. Which side are you on?


Some consider demons to be purely evil, while some demons claim they’re misunderstood. But whether you’re a good demon or a bad demon, you’ll look gorgeous in black glitter wings and a horned headdress. Drinking holy water might seem counter-intuitive for the skiddish lesser demon, but a greater demon like you will only prove the strength of your powers.


Get the headdress here, the wings here, and the holy water flask here.


There are those among us who fight the darkness with a keen eye and an open mind, seeking out the good among the bad, and saving the innocent from evil. Whether you be a Shadowhunter or a wayward daughter, we say, “Carry on.” And how better to do so than with your very own wayward daughter t-shirt, keychain for “baby”, and hunting kit; or with a set of shadowhunter rune tattoos and necklace.

Find the t-shirt here, the keychain here, the hunting kit here.

Rune necklace here and rune tattoos here.


So are you a demon, or are you a Hunter? Let us know in the comments.

As always, we receive no compensation for clicks or sales of these items. We just like sharing the homemade goodness of Etsy and bringing cool stuff to the eyes of other geeks like us. 

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