Magical Monster Drinks!

by T. Mack & Jen P

This month is all about the magical creatures we love. Jen P talked Mermaids, T. Mack bragged on Dragons, and Ana gushed about Unicorns. Now we’re bringing you one more reason to love all these creatures. T. Mack and Jen P spent a wild night creating these magical monster drinks especially for you (and us) to enjoy!



For the low-key mermaid, here’s a no-hassle twist on the classic Pina Colada.


1 oz Coconut Rum

2 oz Pineapple Juice

Splash Blue Curacao

Squeeze of Lime

Stir, top with a mermaid charm, and enjoy!




Two heads, two separate flames. Like fire in a dragon’s throat, this shot goes down smooth, but burns sooo good.



1 part Pineapple Rum

I part Blue Curacao

Green Cake Decorator Gel (to rim)




Made of magic, and rainbows and unicorn toots, this sweet treat is best served as a dessert. But be careful! It’s so delicious, it’ll sneak up on you fast.


Ice in a glass

1 oz Coconut Rum Cream

Prepared White Hot Cocoa (We love the taste of Land-O-Lakes)

1-2 Drops Food Coloring (We chose blue)

Rainbow Marshmallows

Pastel Rainbow Sprinkles


Stir the food coloring into the prepared hot chocolate until color is consistent. Set aside. Pour the rum cream over the ice. Add the hot chocolate. Top with the marshmallows and sprinkles, then serve with a fun straw.


We hope you enjoy drinking these delicious treats as much as we did… or maybe not quite as much. Remember to drink responsibly, then come back and tell us how you liked these magical monster drinks. While you’re here, share your favorite cocktail recipe with us in the comments. Maybe we’ll give it a shot at our next party.

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