For the Love of…Unicorns

by: Ana

What is it about unicorns that draws the human eye to them?  Is it their proximity to the real life existing creatures called horses?  Or is it that mystical part of them?  The one horn that in some form or another always contains some kind of special power?  What makes unicorns so different from any other magical creature?

unicorn pic

1) Their beauty.

When we see illustrations or descriptions of unicorns, they’re usually creatures with long flowing manes, shining coats, and a beauty that surpasses anything else.  They are so beautiful in fact, that often in stories, evil creatures long to keep them as treasures.  See attached examples below of The Last Unicorn.  “The Red Bull” a demonic red creature, wants only to push the “last unicorn” into the sea to keep her prisoner.

The Last Unicorn

2) Their power.

In as far back as fairy tales, a unicorn’s horn was viewed as an ingredient in potions or a possession that could cast great spells.  The one who owned it (usually by killing the unicorn and cutting it off I might add) suddenly became the one to be feared by all.  The movie Legend is a great example of this.  In the film, the demon steals the horn of a unicorn so that he can rule over everyone.


3) Their innocence.

The rule in fairy tales is usually that unicorns will only appear to young maidens.  The reason being, that these maidens are unsullied and are therefore closer to the nature of the unicorns.  One example that comes to mind is the Japanese anime character Unico.  In the movie, a baby unicorn becomes hunted by the “gods” because they fear him.  However, his friend “The West Wind” (who resembles an innocent looking maiden) sweeps him up to another part of the world where he begins a series of adventures.


4) Let’s face it, their marketability.

How can you say no to something that cute?  And try combining it with cartoon characters that come in different colors, designs, and abilities, and then they’re unstoppable.  Cue My Little Pony.

There are actually some pretty funny  memes out there with unicorns too.  So you know, there’s always that.

Thanks for tuning in for a fun look back at some wonderful unicorns that we at Sister Geeks love to watch!  Hope you enjoyed the links, pictures, and memes!

What fond memories of unicorns do you have fellow geeks???




One thought on “For the Love of…Unicorns

  1. I love unicorns!I love The Last Unicorn!Always cry my heart out and I know the soundtrack by heart!Twilight Sparkle is my spirit animal.I mean,my name means Spark/Sparkle in my language!I am just like her!


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