Geek Chic: Drinking Like a Mermaid

By T. Mack

June’s theme is fantastic, magically beautiful monsters: Mermaids, Dragons, and Unicorns. Just like last month, we’ll each feature a creature for one week. Then we’ll all come together to gush about them toward the end of the month. Today, we’re kicking things off with mermaids!

Since you know all we sistergeeks do around here is drink, here are a few options for mermaid drinking throughout the day. There’s something perfect for any occasion!

Click on the links to head to the Etsy pages for details.(Side note: we do not get proceeds from any sales made, but we love helping out the handmade mavens over at Etsy!)

MERMAID MUGS… for your morning coffee

Glass Mermaid Tail| Mermaid Fuel | Black Glitter Mermaid | I’m a Mermaid

MERMAID BOTTLES… for your daily water quota

Can’t Be A Mermaid… | …Drink Like A Fish

MERMAID YETIS… for getting a bit fancy

mermaid yeti 1

Designs & Cutouts | Scales & Words

MERMAID GLASSES… for the best drink of the day

Done Adulting | Ariel Long-stem | Fish-tail Long-stem | Scales

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