Geek News: “The Dark Tower” Movie Trailer Finally Released!

Geek News: “The Dark Tower” Movie Trailer Finally Released!

by: Ana

This summer may just be the summer of Stephen King.  First, the movie trailer for the re-make of his acclaimed book “IT” was released (the movie is scheduled to hit theaters September 8th) and now the internet is buzzing with the just recently revealed trailer for Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” (the movie will be out on August 4th).

Why are these two films so important?  Both are not just widely loved by Stephen King fans everywhere, but also loved by book fans in general.  While “IT” focuses on a terrifying evil entity that chooses to go after children in the form of a clown (I’m not scared of clowns, but I’m sure scared of one that’s dirty looking, angry, and named Pennywise), “The Dark Tower” appeals to fans who love the super fused genres of horror and science fiction rolled into one.  “IT” taps into our primal fear of the unknown and an evil that cannot be reasoned with, while “The Dark Tower” plays with the idea that evil can look handsome and deadly all in one and that even children can try to be heroes.

IT poster


You may not have read either of these book/book series, but if the films stay anywhere close to the same plot lines, I think we can all excitedly agree that you will be entertained.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve attached trailers to both “IT” and “The Dark Tower”.

Tell us Geeks, are you a Stephen King fan?  If so, share what you love about him!  Not familiar with his work, but interested in how these films look?  Take to the comments and let us know.  Later Geeks! 😉

Here is a link to the “IT” trailer:

Here is a link to “The Dark Tower” trailer:

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