“Humans”: A Synthetic Adventure Ride Worth Taking

Humans: A Synthetic Adventure Ride Worth Taking

By: Ana


In a world where TV show binging has become popular, the truth is, a TV junkie like me runs through shows quickly.  Even shows that stream through Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix can leave you feeling empty the next day because, well, they still run on a “season” system like cable does.  So, what do you do when all of your shows go on hiatus?  The answer is simple; you find new shows to watch in the meantime.  This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

A good thing, because maybe you discover a new show to applaud.  Examples, I love Netflix’s House of Cards and Amazon’s Mr. Robot.  Those are shows that I honestly might not have explored on my own, but chose to watch because my favorites were on a break.  I am so, so incredibly glad I did watch them by the way.

A bad thing, because you may go through a lot of duds before you find the right ones.  Examples, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get into Syfy’s Z Nation (I wanted to like it because I like zombies, but it just pales in comparison to The Walking Dead.  Who knows though, I may give it another shot someday—I mean it has been on the air for three or four seasons and shows are known to get better after time passes) or Netflix’s The Ranch (I wanted to like this one too because I think Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson were hilarious in That 70’s Show).

And that, dear friends, is how I started watching Humans.  I ran out of shows and wanted something science fiction-y to watch.    When I first saw the trailers for Humans on AMC, I have to admit, I was not impressed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a “robot” nerd just as much as the next person.  I mean, Terminator is one of my all-time favorite science fiction moviesHowever, I think this is just one of those shows where the trailers don’t do it justice and where there wasn’t enough promotion involved (another example of this is Sense 8, this is a show that initially I think wasn’t given enough attention, but I feel that now, Netflix is doing a great job to promote the upcoming Season 2.  This is another great show to binge watch by the way).

If you’re like me, and new to the Humans’ universe, let me give you a brief synopsis of what the show entails.  Humans is shot in present day time (-not actually a stretch if you watch the news at all.  After all, scientists have created robots that can talk and interact with humans.  Are they completely at the level that the robots are in Humans?  No.  Could they be some day?  Probably.)  Any who, in Humans, people can now purchase robots in order to do with what they wish.  Need help with chores around the house?  No problem, you can purchase a robot from a store-and I just couldn’t help but think of Apple stores when I saw it-or what they call “synths” (as in synthetic robots) to do all of the work for you.


The first thing I enjoyed about this show is that it takes place in Britain, so the majority of the characters on the show have English accents.  I’m American, so of course I just feel super cool and sophisticated watching a show where the characters have accents…and yes admittedly I find myself just wanting to talk randomly in an English accent for no apparent reason.  I’ve come THIS CLOSE to doing so at my day job…I know, I’m dumb…

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking, “Oh Ana, the story line of robots has been so overdone.  Really?  You want me to watch this?”  Yes, yes I do.  First of all, what makes this show unique from movies, or other tv shows is this:  Yes, there are robots who choose to make “bad” choices, but there are also robots who make “good” choices, and for the most part, just want to be left in peace.  We start out initially thinking that maybe there is just one robot, who happens to exhibit human behavior-or who maybe just wants to be human, but soon, the story takes a far more interesting turn.

The show introduces us to a group of robots initially and each one couldn’t be more different from one another.  One is sympathetic to the human race and longs to understand them.  Another hates the human race and only wants to be left alone to experience her life.  Another is so innocent; he can’t help but be looked at as the little brother.  The list goes on and one, but what bonds them is that they consider each other a family.


I don’t want to give too much away since I think that you should just watch the show in order to get an understanding of why it isn’t cookie cutter.  I will name some stand out characters though that I feel really do an outstanding job for the show.  Emily Barrington as Niska.  She is the hard as a rock synth that we just want to see grow feelings.  The actress’s portrayal of a cold robotic figure is impressive.  Gemma Chan as Anita.  She is the robot with a heart of gold that we just want to protect.  Ruth Bradley as Karen.  Although we aren’t sure what quite to think of Karen’s character yet, her longing to simply just be loved is palpable.  Another character worth mentioning for those of you who love The Matrix movies is actress Carrie-Ann Moss who plays Dr. Athena Morrow.  Her character has just been introduced, but I am very curious to see what she brings to the show.





That’s it folks!  I hope I have enticed your curiosity enough to check out the show.  I would say it starts picking up speed in episode 2 or 3.  Humans is a show that airs on AMC on Mondays, 10/9 central time.  You can binge watch Season 1 on Amazon for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member.  Season 2 is currently airing on AMC.

For your viewing pleasure, I have included not just a clip of the show, but also one that shows where robotics is in today’s existing society.

Have you seen Humans?  Thinking of checking out the show?  Take to the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Here is a trailer of the show:

Here is an example of where we are in robotics in today’s society:


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