Milla Jovovich: Geeking Out to Sci-Fi’s Fearless Fighter

by: Ana


Milla Jovovich caught the eyes of Hollywood as a young model, but quickly transitioned into the film industry.  Although you may recognize her from some earlier fiction roles such as Lilli Hargrave in Return to the Black Lagoon or as Michelle Burroughs in Dazed and Confused, she found her way into the hearts of male and female viewers alike through science fiction films.

Milla Jovovich had no problem showing us as an audience that she was both beautiful and smart, but her fighter style came as a shock to us all when she played the role of Leelo de Sabat in The Fifth Element.  In the role, Milla played the love interest of Bruce Willis (Corbin).  All of us nerdy girls squealed in delight as we realized through Milla that different CAN be sexy.  Her bright orange hair, infinite knowledge, and ability to be a human weapon, immediately drew Bruce Willis’ character in.  The fact that she mastered martial arts just became icing on the cake.  Suddenly we all felt bad ass- and a classic COMI-CON outfit that is indistinguishable was suddenly born.

Still, Leelo was more of a supporting role.  Four years later, Milla transformed into Alice, an undercover spy who gets caught in the scheme of the big corporation Umbrella-a company that designs a zombie virus that consumes the planet.  The film was called Resident Evil.  In fact, the film was so successful that it spawned three other films, and another that is currently in post-production: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.



Now that the Resident Evil movie franchise is finally coming to a close, I can’t help but wonder what role Milla Jovovich will chose to bring forward?  My hope is that she stays in the science fiction genre.  In this geeky girl’s humble opinion, Milla brings to the table the ability to pull off a gorgeous fighter role that inspires us to fight for the good guys.

This is your Sister Geek, Ana, paying tribute to the one, the only Milla Jovovich.

Curious to see Milla in some of the roles I mentioned?

Here are some trailers attached.  Enjoy geeks!





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