by T. Mack


Doctor Strange is simultaneously the same comic book movie fair we’ve seen from Marvel in the past and an exciting new chapter in superhero movies. It’s the story of an arrogant man who is forced to become humble and transforms into a hero in the process… just like Iron Man… just like Thor. However, this time it feels and looks different.

From the beginning, Doctor Strange is a quiet film and feels grounded in a more normal world than most other superhero movies. It’s like watching a doctor that could be working in the hospital down the street from you. He’s a brilliant surgeon, but he’s basically a regular person. The evolution of his world from the ordinary to the extraordinary is more tragic and more subtle than previous films we’ve seen. At least until a point. Then, in a moment, his world opens up in a weird and dramatic way. Stephen is changed by the experience, though not quite as much as he should be. From there, it’s interesting to watch his character sometimes develop and often fail to develop in the ways he should.


Doctor Strange feels like the most serious MCU film to date, with a main character who is physically broken in a way that’s hard to watch. But in true MCU fashion, there is humor in the movie. It’s odd, though, because the film does feel so serious that when the humor pops up, it is both surprising and slightly out of place. However, it’s still quite humorous and enjoyable.


Meanwhile, the visual effects of the film are stunning and captivating. The action scenes take a while to appear, but when they do, they are amazing! The film’s “romantic” subplot does NOT overtake the movie in a distracting and unnecessary way. And the main character’s love interest is not a useless woman who accomplishes nothing but being a damsel in distress. The acting in the film is wonderful and there is not a discernible weak link in the cast. In fact, every performance could be touted for standing out in one way or another.


If you’re one of the people who has grown tired of the MCU and superhero movies in general, this film may not be for you. It basically follows the tried and true formula of several superhero films to come before it. However, it’s not simply a generic remake of those movies.

If you’re like me and you’re still hanging strong with the MCU and this wonderful golden age of superhero films, then this is one not to be missed. It adds the next level of complexity to the MCU by adding true magic to the mix. And it creates a new standard for origin stories by giving us one that looks and feels different from any that have come before.


4.5 SG Shields

Have you seen Doctor Strange? What did you think? Are you looking forward to seeing more of the good doctor in the films teased in his mid-credit and post-credit scenes? Also, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being you want to punch his face every time you see it and 10 being you’re a complete Cumberbitch), how much do you love Benedict Cumberbatch? Take to the comments and let me know.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: DOCTOR STRANGE

  1. Hey T. Mack! Nice review. I agree, this stayed true to the MCU but also brought us something new. Cumberbatch nailed it as well. He brought something that wasn’t necessarily missing but now that he’s here seems like he should have been the whole time. If you have the time check out my review, which will go up tomorrow.

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    • Thanks, Barry! I agree with you. I am also very excited to have Cumberbatch as part of the MCU! And I’ll definitely be sure to check out your review tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by SG today.


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