‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Gets a Trailer!

by Jennifer

On Monday, Michael Ausiello of TVLine.com teased something big coming from Netflix on Tuesday, October 25th. If it’s coming from Ausiello, the ultimate Gilmore Girls fan, then it had to be the one thing that Gilmore Girls fans have been missing in the run-up to the revival’s premiere on November 25th: a trailer. Sure enough, after months of stills and posters and onset photos whipping fans into a frenzy, Netflix released a two-and-a-half minute trailer of the four 90-minute episodes.

And every blessed second of it is GLORIOUS!


The Part Where I Conjecture about What to Expect

The trailer’s premiere, of course, brings on a plethora of speculation about the little tantalizing clues dropped in the 146 seconds Netflix has gifted us. Being the GG Sister Geek, I’m going to join the fray and add my two cents about what I think is going on here. You need not go any farther for your speculation because I am the ultimate in speculating here.*

(*All right, maybe not. Still, I’ve watched the show enough to know something!)


When we say Rory last, she was departing to go on the road for the online magazine that hired her to follow the Obama campaign. From the vagabond existence the trailer hints at, it seems that she didn’t get a permanent position with them and, in the intervening years, hasn’t been able to put down roots anywhere. This makes sense as journalism has gone through a serious evolution in the past ten years. Newspapers are closing shop or laying off people and what journalism looked like when Rory was at Yale was pre-Twitter, Instagram, and the like.

I’ll bet she returns for Richard’s funeral and then goes back out on the road, only to find the slog of freelancing to be unfulfilling. She returns home to spend the holidays with her family and then examines what’s next. The trailer shows her at Chilton and at least one still has her in the classroom. Could that visit prompt her to think about teaching?

What about journalism then? The IMDB page for the revival shows that Matt Czuchry (Logan) appears in all four episodes. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the person getting out of the town car in front of Luke’s is Logan looking for Rory. He’s looking for her to come and work for him in some capacity. Could that be what’s next for her? Put down roots wherever Logan is and work for whatever media conglomerate he and his father have created?


Sure, all of Rory’s former big loves – Dean, Jess, and Logan – make appearances, but Logan is the only one that seems to have a big role. That implies that Logan returns to Rory’s life – or ours at least – in a big way. Is it Rory and Logan’s wedding that we saw hints of in set photos?


It seems that Lorelai’s with Luke still, though they don’t seem to be married after all of this time. We know how gun shy Lorelai is when things seem settled. I wouldn’t be surprised if her father’s death has her examining her life and thinking about whether or not this is truly what she wanted her life to look like. She talks to a shrink (!) about her restlessness, which we’ve seen before and usually whenever something big has happened in her life, such as her engagement to Max, her ultimatum to Luke, and her unhappiness after Rory’s birth.

What is Richard’s death going to drive Lorelai to do? She’s so invested in Stars Hollow that I can’t see her leaving: Luke, the Dragonfly Inn, the townspeople. Perhaps this is when she sees what her mother is going through after losing her father and then decides that marriage is her next great adventure. Maybe it’s Luke’s and Lorelai’s wedding that we’ll see in this revival!



The title of the show is Gilmore Girls; you might think that it refers to only Lorelai and Rory, but I’ll argue that Emily is one of those Girls as well. For Lorelai, Emily represents the conventional and Rory, the unconventional. Emily has done everything by the book life handed her; Rory has lived her life according to the book she’s writing. In between is Lorelai, who is perpetually trying to choose. The thing is, though, she can’t seem to do that, but, while she’s still trying to decide, the other two are evolving. For Emily, the evolution inherent in the revival is the most dramatic.


She’s lost her husband, her partner. Her daughter and granddaughter are grown. Emily’s life has been about taking care of others and now she’s left to take care of herself; figuring out how to do that will likely be Emily’s arc throughout these four episodes. That explains the purging we see Emily doing in the trailer; it might also explain the jeans and t-shirt, an outfit we’ve never seen Emily Gilmore wear. Among the hints that various sources have dropped is that one of the girls will get a new love interest. Could it be Emily’s pig running through the town square in the trailer? Does Emily get a pet?


Still More Unanswered Questions

The trailer leaves us asking more questions than it answers:

  • Why is Jess the only one we see talking to Rory?
  • What’s Dean doing? Is he passing through or does he still live in town?
  • Is Paris the headmaster at Chilton?
  • Why do we get only a quick glimpse at Lane? Where’s Lane?
  • Why do Rory and Lorelai have coffee cups from somewhere other than Luke’s?

Find out the answers to all of this and more on November 25th. Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life will have all four 90-minute episodes available to stream on Netflix. The latest trailer can be found here:

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