Mr. Robot: Vote For the Digital Revolution

Mr. Robot: Vote For the Digital Revolution

by: Ana

More than one friend has recommended the show Mr. Robot to me and although I had heard of it, I didn’t realize how hooked I would get.

When you watch Mr. Robot, you’re preparing yourself for a new world, one brought on by a digital empire-and if you’re smart, you’ll be very careful whose side you stand by.


The show opens with Elliot who works as a security IT guy for an independent internet security company.  The company protects a huge company named ECorp, which Elliot nicknames “Evil Corp”.  Through his job, Elliot is able to investigate the company and find out all of its dirty secrets.

What is so great about the show is that Elliot includes us, the audience, as his confidant.  We think we know everything he knows, but soon it becomes obvious that he hides secrets from everyone.  Actor Rami Malek does a great job of portraying Elliot as a troubled disconnected young man trying to figure out the minds of the people he knows while navigating his own difficulties with social anxiety disorder and clinical depression.


There are a couple of other gems I want to point out about the show that you might be interested in.

Christian Slater is on the show.  Let me explain why this is a selling point.  Some of you may not be completely familiar with this actor since he was a huge name in the 80’s and 90’s, but with the inevitable popularity of this show, I think you soon will be.  Some movies you may recognize him from are Heathers, Bed of Roses, Untamed Heart, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and many others.

My favorite role of his was the role he played in Heathers.  He plays an uncontrollable, sarcastic, and smart person intent on changing the world.  Those characteristics are what Christian Slater brings to the show Mr. Robot.  He has received critical acclaim for his contribution and I would like to add to that round of applause.  I look forward to seeing more of him on the show.


I’d also like to point out actor Martin Wallstrom who plays Tyrell.  Martin is successful at playing a man so obsessed with being at the top of the food chain that he would do anything to obtain it.  The only one able to curb his insatiable appetite is his wife Joanna (played by Stephanie Corneliussen) who seems to have hidden agendas of her own.


Another character worth mentioning is Darlene (played by Carly Chaikin) who is a ballsy, underestimated, and a self-destructive character.


So, who do I think will like this show?  Fans of the 1990’s movie Hackers will like it because of the clever characters that disguise themselves among the people of today in order to make themselves into something big tomorrow.  I also think fans of Dexter and House of Cards will enjoy this show for the sort of “monologue” moments.

This show is for people who enjoy puzzles, but also have a need to see resolution.  There are secrets, but the secrets never stay secrets for very long—and because of that, I’m anxious to see what new things will present themselves in future episodes.

Mr. Robot has two seasons currently out.  They can be watched on either USA Network or if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch Season 1 at no additional cost (you would have to pay for Season 2).  This show is well worth watching and definitely deserves all of the praise it is receiving.  I give it 4 out of 5 Sister Geek shields.

4 SG Shields

If you’re curious about the show, allow me to show you a clip!  Enjoy fellow geeks!




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