The Movie “Uncanny”Explores Robot and Human Emotions

by: Ana

First of all, I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.  A viewer always has to be a little skeptical when they see a three star rating on a movie they’ve never heard of, but sometimes it really pays off to press the play button and see what happens.

Uncanny poster

The movie Uncanny introduces us to a scientist who lives in an expensive security locked apartment with the robot he has created.  The scientist (David) introduces reporter Joy Andrews to his creation, Adam.  David explains that his employer, Castle, chose her specifically to interview them for a week since she has a background in robotics.

Uncanny the three of them

Joy is initially shocked that she couldn’t tell that Adam wasn’t human, but after awhile, her curiosity takes over and she attempts to understand him.  Eventually, she finds herself caught in a strange love triangle between herself, Adam, and David.

uncanny scientist and robot

So here are some things I really liked about the movie.  The use of space was great.  The movie for the most part takes place completely in the apartment.  You would think that would get old, but no, the interactions keep you entertained enough and since the story line doesn’t really require a change in scenery, this is completely understandable.  I am always impressed when a film crew, director, producer, and staff have enough vision to bring forward a film without needing the safety net of multiple scenic locations.

The other thing I really enjoyed were the actors themselves.  Actor David Clayton Rogers who plays Adam does such a good job at bringing android like mannerisms to the film.  His subtle motions such as allowing his eyes to have a scanning like motion while looking downward can’t help but make the viewer think that there just isn’t something quite right about him.  Actor Mark Webber who plays David Kressen portrays the confidence and intelligence of Bill Gates, but with an approachable nature that makes us feel connected to his character.  Lastly, actress Lucy Griffiths who plays Joy succeeds in bringing us a naive yet inquisitive female character who is caught in a web of danger.

report and scientist

Who do I think will like this movie?  People who love science fiction robot stories, people who like twisted love stories, and people who prefer acting quality to big names.  If you like those things, then you will probably enjoy this film.

Who do I think won’t like this movie? People who like love stories (notice there is no ‘twisted’ in there), people who like non-stop action (this is more of a thinker type movie), or people who expect fancy special effects.

Quite simply, this movie utilizes the most powerful thing it has-a good story line with a good cast.

I would give it 3 1/2 shields, which to me is a solid rating and means this movie is indeed watchable and is a movie to debate with your friends on.

3.5 SG Shields

Curious about the movie Uncanny?  Check out a trailer here below.  It’s available to view on Netflix.

What other science fiction type movies with robots in them do you like?  I love Terminator and Bishop from the Alien series.



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