Geek Chic: Affordable Avengers Blended Art Photography

By: Ana

The expression “a photograph can say a thousand words” definitely applies to these Avengers  art pictures on the Etsy shop Blended Art Designs.  I saw them and literally said “wow” out loud.

Iron Man’s bright gold and red colors splash shockingly across a black and white still of Tony Stark.

Iron Man pic

Some how, The Hulk seems “greener” against Bruce Banner’s faded face and Bruce Banner seems more subdued and innocent.

Hulk picture

There are pictures of the other members of course-Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow.  Even a picture of Loki is offered.

Not a fan of The Avengers?  That’s okay Blended Art Designs also offers Hans Solo from Star Wars, Marilyn Monroe, Prince, and a Brad Pitt/Edward Norton combo in Fight Club among others.


The best part?  Their prints are only $11.99 plus shipping.  In my opinion, a pretty sweet deal for how eye catching these pieces are.

Go ahead, display your inner art nerd on your living room wall, check out Blended Art Designs

2 thoughts on “Geek Chic: Affordable Avengers Blended Art Photography

  1. Thank you Sister Geeks! It’s been almost a year since this blog, and I’m just finding this now! Wow!!!! Just, wow! Since this post, I have expanded my collection immensely and feature my designs on shirts and hoodies too!!! Unfortunately, I have grown apart from Etsy recently and am now just running my business from my website at If you or any of your readers every need an art hookup, check us out there and feel free to use coupon code 15OFF for 15% off! – Lisa Jaye


    • So happy for you Lisa. Your artwork is beautiful and we know many Geeks out there are enjoying seeing it! Congrats on your website and we look forward to continuing to look at your new additions!!!Thanks so much for checking out our site and letting us know how your business is doing! 😄


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