Book Review… RUSH

rush eve silver

By Jen P

Rush, by Eve Silver, is a time travel version of The Hunger Games, with aliens. Miki Jones and hundreds of other teens are recruited to battle the Drau, a glasslike, beautiful, and super-evil alien race bent on human destruction (aren’t they always?). To do so, the teens are killed in our world to be sucked into another realm, then whooshed into the past with super-strength, speed, and metal cylinders that become any weapon they can imagine. If they die on the battlefield, a place called The Game, the real world thinks they died when they were killed the first time. If they survive, they resume their lives from the point they “died” until they’re called again. Also, they’re not allowed to discuss anything from The Game while outside of it. In fact, they’re not supposed to speak to each other at all. Of course, with teenage hormones raging, that plan goes to hell.

Miki’s team leader in The Game is Jackson Tate, a boy who claims that the best way to survive is every player for himself. But when Jackson puts himself at risk to save Miki, she realizes she doesn’t know him at all—in the real world OR The Game.

What I liked

Though based on standard YA tropes, Rush kept me guessing. I liked discovering more about each character as the action kept the pace, and I enjoyed the quasi-love-triangle. Gotta love those YA love triangles!

What I disliked

*Spoiler* The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger. Is Jackson dead? Of course not, I read the back flap of the next book. But still! Because I don’t have Book 2 yet, I’m left to wonder how he survived and so many other questions. Grrr.

In conclusion

I would like to know the end game of The Committee, the beings that run The Game. I’d like to know just how much power Jackson and Miki have. And I’d love to see that they and their friends, get a happy ending of some kind.

In other words, I’ll keep reading.

I really like these characters. It would be great to see their wants and origin stories vine and blossom through the rest of the series.

Have you read Rush? Do you want to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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