GEEK NEWS: ‘Supergirl’ Flying to CW for Season 2

by T. Mack


Hold on, DC heroes on the CW. Supergirl is on her way! And the crossovers are going to be epic! 

The freshman CBS show about the girl of steel struggled this year to bring in the viewers that the network expected. The show was filmed in L.A. and cost the network an estimated $3 million per episode due to licensing fees. While ratings for the show weren’t exactly bad, they were also not what CBS is accustomed to and not what they wanted to see in return for the kind of investment that went into the show.


Over the course of the season, the network was able to work with the CW and have a cross-over with The Flash. That episode brought in the season’s highest numbers and suddenly, the wheels at CBS started spinning. The truth is that the CW is partly owned by CBS. That means two things: 1) success on the CW means at least some green going up the ladder to CBS, and 2) it makes working together a fairly simple enterprise. At least compared to trying to work with other networks, which is nearly impossible.


While CBS didn’t want to give up on Supergirl, the investment dollars and viewership were simply not matching up the way they needed to in order to move forward. However, those same viewer numbers would be considered gold over on the baby sister network, CW. On top of which, it has already been tested and proven that CW fans are into superheroes and willing to at least give Supergirl a chance. With all those factoids taken into consideration, the solution was clear:

Supergirl has now received a renewal for a second season… on the CW!


The show will keep its time slot on Monday nights at 8pm (7pm Central). But it will now be with its DC brothers and sisters on the baby network that has become to go-to place for a superhero fix on network television. (No, I didn’t forget Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But it’s a single show that fails to live up to the rest of its universe spread across movies and Netflix, while the CW is building a TV superhero empire.)


Now that show creator Greg Berlanti’s superhero babies (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl) are all living under the same roof , it’s time for the mother of all crossover events. Previously, Arrow and Flash have crossed over multiple times. Both those shows worked together and crossed over to help set up and create Legends of Tomorropw. And as previously mentioned, The Flash crossed over with Supergirl earlier this year. Though technically, the encounter was never mentioned on The Flash, so it is not actually canon on that show. Now that all the kids live in one house, however, we have confirmation of a four-way crossover to come this December. CW Chief Mark Pedowitz recently spoke about the upcoming crossover event, calling it the “biggest one ever.”


No one is quite sure yet how different Supergirl will be living on the CW. We do know that production will move from L.A. to Vancouver, which will bring the cost of the show down by millions of dollars per episode. That alone could mean better effects for the show. No confirmation yet on whether or not veteran actress Calista Flockhart will make the move with it. Word on the street is that signs point to no.


While Supergirl had its missteps during this first season and plenty of its naysayers are happy to point them out, the show also demonstrated that is has great amounts of potential. Hopefully, that potential will be realized now that the series is at home on the CW, where it likely should have been from the beginning.


Did you watch Supergirl this season? What did you think of the show? Do you think the CW can make enough improvements this year to get the show a third season? What would you like to see happen in the big DC superhero crossover on the CW this December? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 


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